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Hair Cut Trivia

Researches have shown that the hairstyles can be correlated to moods and personality of a person. Loud and crazy hairstyles have been related to the rebellious nature. And it is certainly correct to a large extent. We see that for a special occasion, people carefully tend to their hair and have proper hair dos. This points out to the fact that generally, people are happy at these occasions. Bridal hairstyles are very elaborate with much detailing. Weddings are almost always happy occasions and everyone related feels the same and thus the reason for such style of hair. Ladies often tend to straighten their hair on a whim. This reflects that they may not be that happy with the current situation and feel that a change is needed. New hairstyles may reflect that.

This is also showcased by the fact that people when doing some important work will be least concerned about their style. Their hair may be having an unkempt and disheveled appearance. Loosely tied hair for women may be an example of this case. People may change hairstyle as quickly as every week. This can be the changing moods, with the hairstyles reflecting the moods. The style of hair can also be status symbols. A high maintenance style can indicate the wealth of the person and also someone who cares about his/her looks. People who have gray hair sometimes dye it black. It shows that they are not too comfortable with that. Some people are comfortable with this and thus, they are not afraid or feel awkward about showing the gray hairs.

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