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NuAyurveda Clinic is chain of traditional and scientific Ayurvedic clinics. In Mumbai we have 5 clinics at Andheri, Kandivali and Chembur and we are expanding pour services. We provides Ayurvedic treatment on Weight loss, hair loss, paralysis, stress management, psoriasis, spondylitis, etc. We have well trained Kerala therapist and professional Ayurvedic Doctors.

  • Head Massage

  • General

  • Body Treatment

  • Make-Up

  • Ayurvedic Treatment

  • Foot Reflexology

  • Facials

  • Body Massage

  • Eye Care


Planet Enrich is an expression of our culture and our belief in the power of the collective. With the help of its ambassadors in every salon, Planet Enrich provides proof of this power th

  • Threading

  • Head Massage

  • Waxing

  • Bleaching

  • Beard

  • Body Treatment

  • Salon Package

  • Manicure

  • Hair Cut

  • Facials

  • Foot Reflexology

  • Pedicure

  • Hair Styling

  • Body Massage

  • Eye Care

  • Makeup for Special Occasion

  • Hair Treatment

  • Cut, File & Polish

  • Hair Colors

  • Bridal Makeup

  • Shaving

  • Nail Art

  • Face Skin Care

  • Hair Spa

Did You Know?

Eyes are one of the most important parts of our body. That is why eye care is extremely important. Our eyes suffer a lot throughout the day, be it dust particles or continuous stare at a digital screen. Care of eyes is something we should do on a daily basis. It is not that complex either. We can get some simple eye care tips from the internet or we can also consult with a professional for some tips for eye care.

How to take care of eyes is something which we all should we be aware of. This can be taken care by some simple steps. One of the steps is to drink plenty of water. Another step is to wash your eyes at least 5 times on a daily basis. This keeps all dirt away from eyes and also provides moisture. These eyes care tips are the basic and simple ones that help. There are plenty of eye care products available as well that are useful. For complex issues, one should go to eye care center rather than focusing on eye care home remedies.

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