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"To make India beautiful and bring joy in every individual's life through wellness and holistic beauty"

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All About Hairstyles

Which hairstyle should I go for? Would short hair look good on me? Will long hair suit me? These are some of the normal dilemmas that people face while going for a haircut or styling for hair. Of course, with the option of so many different hairstyles available, questions like this has become the norm now. You may very well try to copy the style of your favorite movie or sports star. But, the question arises that will the style look as good as it did originally. Quite possibly it could, but again quite possibly it may not. For a style of hair to look good on a person, quite a few factors come into play. One of the main factors here is the face shape of the particular person. Different styles would suit different persons depending on his/her face shape.

It also depends from men to women as both have different set of hairstyles. For example, women with a round face can sport straight and long hair. For men with a round face, short and spiky haircut will suit just fine. Men with a long face will look good with a style of long side hairs. If you have a round face, you should not try this though. If you have David Beckham-esque long face, you may opt for a style of hair sported by Beckham. Hairstyle counseling, done by the salons now days is really helpful. The salon professionals take all the factors into context and the suggestion of a style is only given after a detailed view. This makes it much easier for a normal customer also, who does not have as much knowledge as the professionals do.

To save you time and effort, VBooky has come up with a platform which enlists different salons at the same place. You can choose your favorite salon from the list depending on your preference of price and service.