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Tattoo Of Nirvana "An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company" We deal with:- Permanent Tattoo, Temporary Tattoo, Body Piercing, Dreadlocks, Permanent Make-Up, Ta

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Piercing Trivia

Gone are the days when body piercing generally meant ear piercing for earrings. Nowadays you have got to specify whether it is a nose piercing, tragus piercing, tongue piercing, navel piercing or piercing at some any other part of body. Piercings is very popular among the youngsters of nowadays. It has risen in popularity as a fashion statement. Nose ring can be traced back to the Indian tradition long back. But nowadays it has spread worldwide. Fashion models have started to use that as a trend.

The newer trends of piercing that have really got popular are belly piercing Christina piercing and snake bites piercing, which is a kind of labret piercing. Belly rings and tongue rings have seen a huge rise of popularity since the punk fashion has been made famous worldwide. Lip rings is another fashion that has seen a rise. Body piercings could be traced earlier due to religious and ritualistic reasons. The reasons for body piercing have changed. Among facial piercings, cheek piercing and eyebrow piercing have also gained popularity.

To save you time and effort, VBooky has come up with a platform which enlists different salons at the same place. You can choose your favorite salon from the list depending on your preference of price and service.

Koramangala Layout spas and salons

For Koramangala based salons and spas visit our website https://vbooky.com/ and you can book appointments for the salons and spas from here. We also provide several offers and deals for spas and salons. Being one of the largest areas of Bangalore, Koramangala is also one of the most populated areas in the city. Lot of company offices opening close by recently has also resulted in the increase of the residents. Along with the number of residents increasing, the salons in Koramangala have also grown considerably in the recent years. With the presence of the big names in the business, such as Naturals, YLG, Bounce etc, it is pretty evident that the people of Koramangala actually have a lot of choices when it comes to salon and spas. Along with so many choices for salons and spas in the area, people also get great salon deals in Koramangala. Many salon deals and packages such as hair package, waxing package are offered by the salons. Spa packages are also quite popular in Koramangala. These packages generally include the service categories of massage, body treatment and other luxury services.