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Naturals was established a decade ago, with a dream to change not just the way people looked but to add ample positivity in their attitude to life!

  • Threading

  • Head Massage

  • Waxing

  • Beard

  • Body Treatment

  • Manicure

  • Head, Neck & Shoulder

  • Hair Cut

  • Facials

  • Foot Reflexology

  • Pedicure

  • Hair Styling

  • Eye Care

  • Cut, File & Polish

  • Hair Colors

  • Hair Treatment

  • Shaving

  • Hand Spa

  • Hair Spa

All About Hand Spa

Hand spa basically involves taking good care of the hands. Hand care is something which is mostly neglected, but it can be quite necessary sometimes. Services like manicure also come under this. This service is available in most spas. This can also come under the package of skin care or body treatment. Generally hand and foot spa is included in the same service package. This most definitely improves the skin condition of your hand, making it softer.

Hand spa is done in different methods. The ingredients used in this method can be different. For example honey hand spa is a method in which honey is used for the service. Hand spa at home can also be done. Hand spa treatment at home requires some basic knowledge of the process and the ingredients to be used. Homemade hand spa ingredients can be used.

To save you time and effort, VBooky has come up with a platform which enlists different salons at the same place. You can choose your favorite salon from the list depending on your preference of price and service.

JP Nagar Layout spas and salons

For JP Nagar based salons and spas visit our website and you can book appointments for the salons and spas from here. We also provide several offers and deals for spas and salons. With the residents in Bangalore increasing day by day, the number of salons and spas are also increasing on a daily basis. Residential places like JP Nagar have especially faced this phenomenon on a first hand basis. With the beauty salon spa industry at a boom, this has been advantage for the crowd as well, as they have much more choices. With so many spas in JP Nagar, the people can compare and choose according to their preference. What this growth in salon & spa has also done is that it has also increased the discounts and offers that the beauty salons provide. The big brands like Bodycraft, Naturals provide the best spa and salon deals at JP Nagar. The spas in JP Nagar also come up with various packages in order to attract the customers. Some packages like the day spa package or the spa package are extremely popular.