NuAyurveda Clinic
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NuAyurveda Clinic, Andheri-West

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50, Prerana Bungalow, Janaki Devi School Road , Mhada, Sardar Patel Nagar ,


About NuAyurveda Clinic.

NuAyurveda Clinic
NuAyurveda Clinic is a specialized chain of Ayurvedic clinics that blends science with tradition by bringing contemporary research to traditional Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Co-founded by graduates from IIT-Bombay, IIM-Ahmedabad and S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, NuAyurveda aims to bring the proven health benefits of Ayurveda through clinics, products and hospitals. 5 Great Reasons to Choose NuAyurveda Clinic YOU BENEFIT FROM SCIENCE AND TRADITION UNDER ONE ROOF Our team combines contemporary research with traditional Ayurvedic science to bring you effective treatments and medicines that cure diseases from the root. YOU GET RELIABLE ADVICE FROM QUALIFIED AYURVEDIC DOCTORS We ensure you get sound medical advice before commencing any treatment. Experienced Ayurvedic doctors are available throughout the day at our clinics to provide correct diagnosis and supervise treatments. YOUR TREATMENTS ARE CUSTOMISED TO SOLVE YOUR UNIQUE PROBLEM We invest time in understanding your profile, constitution (Prakriti) and medical history before recommending any treatment. We take care to customize your treatment plan so that it solves your unique problem. YOUR TREATMENT PLANS ARE HOLISTIC AND THEREFORE MORE EFFECTIVE All our treatments take a three pronged approach to cure your problems: medicines, therapies and lifestyle counselling. This ensures that your illness is eradicated from the root and not just treated at the symptom level. YOU GET A PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE EVERY TIME AT EVERY CLINIC We train our teams rigorously so that you experience consistent treatment procedures and uniform levels of service every day at every clinic. Care, privacy and hygiene that many clinics lack are given utmost importance.


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Outlet Services & rate card

Below are the list of services & price which are provided by the outlet. Please refer to review tab for detailed reviews & ratings

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - PodiKizhi

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - ElaKizhi

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Manal Kizhi

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Navar Kizhi

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Shirodhara

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Takradhara

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Ksheerdhara

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Kashayadhara

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Ubtan

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Upanaham

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Greeva Basti

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Janu Basti

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Kati Basti

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Spine Basti

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Thalapothichil

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Vaman

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Virechan

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Nasyam

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Rakta Mokshan

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Sneha Basti

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Kashaya Basti

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Aarogyam

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Ayushman

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Working Professional

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Grihini

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Vriddha

  • Ayurvedic Treatment - Lavanya

  • Body Massage - Abhyangam Ayurvedic Massage 4 hand

  • Body Massage - Pizhichil

  • Body Massage - Udwartanam

  • Body Treatment - Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage 2 hand

  • Eye Care - Netra Tarpanam

  • Facials - Mukh Lepam

  • Facials - Navara Mukh Lepam

  • Foot Reflexology - Padabhyangam

  • Foot Reflexology - Kizhi (Leg & Feet)

  • General - Consultation,Prakriti Analysis

  • Head Massage - Shiroabhyangam

  • Make-Up - Soundarya

  • Make-Up - Shringara

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