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VBooky inching towards 1 year completion
Tue, 28 Jul 2015 / by Mano
Now you can find all your Spa & Salon needs on VBooky

It's been about a year since we had our first hire and launched VBOOKY.COM - the marketplace for beauty services. The journey has been interesting to say the least, marked with full of learnings, anticipations and excitement. 

The journey started with an idea , having once imbibed in me, refused to go away. The idea grew it's stature and possibilities with every ideation.  


"Building up the product from ground up, investing time on our IP"


We started in 2014 March to build the product. First 2 prototypes had been scrapped where we tried to reuse an existing platform so that we can launch it faster. We realized that if we are to build a company around an idea, we would like to have full control on each line of code and know each line as we would know ourselves. Thus we built everything from ground-up. I was not sure if this was a right way at that time. But now, I feel that we have taken the right decision as now we are feeling that control can be leveraged easilly to build a new feature or integrate a new third party tool.  


"15 to 3000+"


Our beta launched in August, 2014 with 15 outlets & now we have more than 3000+ outlets on our platform. Formally incorporated to a PVT. LTD. company in August, 2014, we have added loads of feature in the marketplace & in the process of bundling out the magic behind the platform features. We look forward to focusing on our marketing efforts to reach more people and catch more user attentions. If things go right, we should be able to start our gobal journey in the next 6 months with a pilot project.


From building the merchant network, to writing codes to power the next killer feature, to learning "growth hacking" terminologies and features & tricks, to evaluating tools to help us build feature, to help us capture more users, to making ppts to capture key metrics, to talking to potential employees, yeah - it's been quite a journey I must say!

"Iterating over n times till we find the right way to hack growth"


Mano coming up with yet another idea. Oh no!


Subhadeep - what idea?

VBooky Trio



VBooky team - Small & Driven

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