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India's Style Report
Wed, 3 Dec 2014 / by V Style Admin
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Men in India are ultimately coming out of their cocoon shells and accessing daily styling and beauty therapies. They no longer feel embarrassed to shop for lotions, face wash, body lotions, and shower gels specifically designed for male skin. The term  styling  no longer confined to an instant shave or patting some aftershave lotion before heading to a party . Television advertisements now are full of male actors or cricketers promoting personal care brands to boost the use of beauty products by men. Hair coloring and skin lightening is highly popular among Indian men. Men's indulgence in spa, styling and personal care product is great rise. Twenty years ago the Indian men made up 10% of beauty market as compared to a remarkable current usage of around 47%.

Every Man In India Intends To Look Good

The metro sexual look is catching up fast in India  .Using a man's image on the beauty care products (for men) ,like body lotion ,face scrub etc is quite phenomenal in advertising male -centric products . These days we witness famous movie personalities like John Abraham address the male customers, talking about the advantages of using the personal care items that will enhance the skin. Keeping the youthfulness intact .Preserving this trend, the brand ambassadors are no longer, just super models. Beauty brands are constantly in search of male icons popular for their achievement and not just their looks. For e.g As a much -followed team in IPL Rajasthan Royals were identified by Garnier to showcase their product range.

What Modern Men Desire

Indian men are now becoming quite conscious about the effects of pollution and sun on their skin. Therefore personal care items like hair care, sunscreen lotion, hairstyling gels etc are quite popular with males. ASSOCHAM researches reveal that men have started shopping for range of separate bathing and personal care items. Many brand owners cite that essential care items are rapidly growing subsector of men's personal care market, majorly attributed to developing demand over aging. Men in their 40's often work quite late and enhancing their appearance offers an added advantage to them.

Latest hairstyle for men this Summer /Spring 2014

The dawn of a new season brings with it a phase of speculations and findings .This is specifically significant during the summer months.  Terms like rejuvenation, restoration and rebirth are often associated with the spring season -the best time to rearrange your wardrobe or enhance your personal style. And one of the preferred alterations that men can give to their current image is experimenting with a new hairstyle or haircut.

a) Short Quiff Hairstyle - Variation in hair length through the back as well as sides is becoming popular with men. Few men prefer to have their hair snipped quite tight yielding an overstated or dethatched style, while some prefer a bit more hair length and choose a slick edge keeping the hair off their face.

b) Men short side and back hair with its length through top - Whether a man has a curly or straight hair a long hair cut trimmed from back and side always look good. This hairstyle is preferred by men of all age groups and defines their appearance based on the products used by them and technique used for drying hair.

c) The Topknot - Off late many men have been seen growing their hair and tying a topknot. Increasing their hair length needs great hard work and patience, but there is no ignoring that hair looks stunningly cool when tied.

Additionally hairstyles like Slicked back undercut, Brit-rock indie and Rockabilly too are being followed.


Skin-care treatments for men

a) Permanent hair removal – Six course treatments using modern Energist Intense Pulse Light machine removes the hair permanently from men's body in an easy and comfortable way.

b) Men's facial – Men's facial are created to soften irritated skin , cleanse the clogged pores and minimize the breakouts.

c) Stress buster therapy – The best therapy to combat the pressures of modern life and ease tension is men's executive stress busting treatment. Special attention is given to the shoulder, back and neck area. Pacifying scalp and facial treatments leaves the skin rejuvenated and relaxes the soul.

d) Back and chest waxing – This treatment offer a smooth and a long lasting look

e) Botox treatment -  Anti-ageing treatments are no longer woman -centric ,and most men are now considering the long term benefit of skin care therapies and loves an external help when required.

Rise in the grooming industry

Researches based on the behaviour and attitude of men reveal that around 28 % of the men visit spas and around 47% of the men access make up services. Studies show that 83% of the men request for massage treatment with 16% stating that they would love to try one. This is followed in preference by pedicures, body scrub, facial, hair color and aromatherapy. Across the globe men have become choosy about the male -centric products and grooming items. By 2016 the grooming market in India is estimated to grow by billions in sales, Men are now ready to use color cosmetics. Whilst a few people still shy away to use cosmetics, the market is all set and quite ready to promote a wide range of them in the near future. Its might seem untrue but men have used make-up in the past and it sounds natural progress to accept cosmetics like concealer, ,shave routine ,foundation and more .This prediction is further backed s men enhance their appearance with piercing , tattoos etc.

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