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Get Your Profile Listed On VBooky & Reap the Benefits
Fri, 20 Mar 2015 / by V Style Admin
All your salon & spa needs on VBooky!

VBooky unfurls seamless opportunities for spas, across the country by helping them add comprehensive information about their axiom, services and amenities; for the audiences of vbooky.com. An improved listing offers the beauty and wellness centers the provision to cite their detailed contact information, upload images of their salons, link to a location map and an all -inclusive sketch and their offerings Your mini-spot on the site comprises of everything a potential customer desires to view when selecting a salon to fix an appointment – review of your niceties, therapies and beauty packages. Several wellness and salon owners lure new visitors and enhance their web existence through our appointment fixing software, gift certificates, business listing as well as promotional activities. Vbooky.com visitors are among the upscale and accomplished demographic in the country


On an average, partnering with us can enable spas to generate more client leads and confirmed booking every day. Beauty salons will be informed of first -time customers via email so that they remain informed about the customers who intend to fix an appointment with them. Spas will also have an index of all the past customers in their list. VBooky offers gifting options for various occasions, in the present marketplace and audiences who visit our site every day go down line where to utilize them. By advertising discounts, offers or gift cards through us beauty and wellness centers will be reaching out to hundreds and hundreds of promising new clients. Additionally our advertising provides an array of web-based promotional opportunities to aid your brand connect with their supremely active customers by category of salon-visitors; by geographic location and; by frequently visited beauty centres.  Corporate get more options means more commitment and employees can precisely decide how they intend to get rejuvenated and companies can be rest assured employees will access a spa in their vicinity.

With Vbooky.com scheduling an appointment with a salon has got much better, simple as well as convenient. The software helps customer to fix an appointment from the comfort of their home, at their own convenient time with their desired therapist or staff through a real-time online appointment calendar. The calendar tends to offer a snapshot of scheduled appointments for the day and salon staffs have a choice to see fixed or rescheduled sessions for a particular day, the following week or refer to the past week's schedule. Appointment calendar will be combined with salon's web booking, so if a client books a session online, this will be directed automatically in the spa system. VBooky answers to your appointment requirements to ensure your salon operates smoothly.

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