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Thai massage
Tue, 28 Apr 2015 / by Radhi
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The jewel of South East Asia and land of smiles. Most sort after popular tourist place. The natural healing of body practiced through the ancient art of therapeutic healing. Thailand! Certainly when it comes to the therapeutic healing process the Thai massage dates back its origin several thousand years ago perhaps during the era of Buddha. Though Thai massage that pretty much has an influence of the Indian Yoga system and follows the Ayurveda medicinal practice, is very old, its profound health benefits has regenerated awareness amongst people in today’s modern urban culture. Unlike most diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that just focus on the signs and symptoms of the physical body to cure a person, this massage believes in all over body healing by concentrating on the intense prana energies of the body. These prana energies are also called as Sen Lines, which is further being extensively researched in modern medicine. According to the ancient art of medicine in India, China and Egypt, any disharmony in these Sen Lines can lead to various ill health conditions. Thai massage focuses on 10 major Sen Lines to bring back the balance and relax the body.

In Thai massage the practitioner applies the required amount of pressure on the muscles to stretch and thereby increase their flexibility. The yoga like stretches that are performed during this massage helps to relive stress. Moreover people who exercise less frequently or who do not exercise at all, should undergo Thai massage to flush toxins and enhance the cleansing mechanism of the body. The major health benefits of Thai massage include improved blood circulation, probably helps in healing ailments such as asthma, hypertension, eye problems, depression and also helps in proper functioning of the digestive system.

Bollywood divas who fancy Thai massage

We’ve seen that the major health benefit of Thai massage is to relieve stress and bring about harmony and peace within the mind and soul. In our urban lifestyle due to hectic schedules we often ignore our health and welcome ill health due to lack of exercise and diet. Exercise is must, however for those who find less time to exercise or are not use to rigorous workouts, Thai massage is an ideal choice of mainlining health and well-being. The health benefits are enormous and so much so that our Bollywood divas who are often victims to stress and strain have discovered the health benefits of Thai massage and recommend to their fans as well. Our Cocktail girl Deepika Padukone fancies Thai massage and prefers it over other types of massage. She enjoys hanging around at spas in Phuket and Mumbai well known for Thai massage. Deepika once tweeted that given a choice she would prefer Thai massage over work.

Thai massage also encompasses a super good Thai facial. This facial derives its benefits by the use of traditional herbs and fruits, honey and natural scrubs that help to exfoliate the skin. Besides, such facials also help to rejuvenate the skin and helps maintain its suppleness. Our Desi Boyz girl Chitrangada Singh enjoys a day at any Thai massage spa in Thailand and renowned ones in Gurgaon. She also enjoys the Thai facials and scrubs used to derive a youthful skin texture.

Exploring more on Thai massage

Now that you’re aware of the health benefits and what our celebrities have to say about Thai massage, you sure must be curious to explore yourself. Well, Thai massage isn’t for everyone. Especially those who are pregnant or plan to conceive, who have had surgical procedure, who suffer from infectious skin diseases and others who have serious health problems should consult their doctor or a Thai massage practitioner before going in for one. This 60 minutes to 2 hours massage therapy is usually done on the floor and on a not so heavy stomach. Basically a Thai massage therapist is the best person to consult for any advice to be followed before the massage or to ask about any discomfort that may arise during the massage session. There are Thai massage and Thai yoga schools in Bangalore that offer the best Thai massage sessions and also conduct classes for those seeking to become a certified Thai massage specialist. It’s just a matter of exploring such spas and saloons in your city through online portals from the comfort of your home.





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