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Relaxing massage therapies for busy women
Tue, 30 Jun 2015 / by Radhi
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It’s an absolute must that all busy mums set aside an exclusive time to knead themselves. Body massage is an excellent way to get rid of stress and help gain a balance between the physical body and the emotional mind. Being a multitasker by nature women unknowingly take lots of tension and when there are no means to dispose these negative energies off the body, life becomes miserable. Body massage can boost energy, elevate a sense of positive attitude within and keep you healthy. While fitness regimes coupled with nutritious diet are essential, so also is getting yourself a good body massage. The professional hand of a massage therapist will help you reap the benefits of body massage similar to that of following any fitness exercises. Massaging helps release tight muscles especially those near the face and the neck. If you happen to be an IT savvy working 24/7 on the computer, this is an absolute must to relive your tension around the neck and shoulder area. Massages help fluid moving through by doing a bit of lymph work along the muscles near the neck. Problems of the neck such as stiff neck or spondylitis can be resolved by undergoing such massages that include neck rotations, at least once in a month. Likewise a professional massage therapist can also work around your facial jaws, eyes and eye balls to get going the sufficient amount of lubrication required and prevent the eyes from drying. As long hours of eye strenuous jobs would lead to drying of fluids near the eye orbit, such professional massages can be of great help to relieve eye stress, improve vision and avoid watering of eyes. Going a bit finer through the face, a nasal bone massage can prevent chronic problems such as sinusitis as well.

We also need to understand how to get prepared before planning to undergo a body massage at a spa. First and foremost it is essential that you seek guidance from a professional spa that have certified massage therapists. Fix a time and also inform of prior injury spots that you may find uncomfortable to get worked on during the massage. Also it is important to avoid eating right before the massage, light meal one or two hours prior to the massage is fine. It is equally important to rehydrate yourself post massage to completely get rid of toxic waste generated as a result of the muscle workout. Hitting the gym for a workout before the massage session is advisable. Remember to take deep breathes during the massage especially when difficult muscle knots or joints are being worked on, deep breathing in this way would ease pain and relieve the tension around the muscles being worked out. Most of all speak with your massage therapist whenever massage workouts hurt and also understand the benefits of each pattern followed by them during the massage session. What more reap the benefits of massaging, after all busy women require it even our Bollywood divas do.

Our Bebo finds Oberoi Rajvilas Spa in Jaipur as an amazing place for relaxing massages. She loves to pamper herself with the lemon and yogurt massage offered there. Priyanka Chpora prefers exploring spas in Bali, to get a relaxing deep tissue massage. Likewise our yesteryear Sridevi is also a spa person and prefers to take an amazing body massage experience at the spas in Pune. Alia Bhat is a big fan of body massages and spa treatments offered at the Myrah Day spa in Mumbai is her favourite place.

A body massage can soothe your body and mind, making you experience better blood circulation, improved immunity, decrease in anxiety and improved sleep quality. You could locate best quality spa through fitness portals and seek guidance from a certified massage therapist to understand the best possible massage that suits you.



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