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Rejuvenate your body in the month of Ayurveda
Wed, 19 Aug 2015 / by Gaurav Guha
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Ayurveda practice has been in India for centuries. The establishments of the Ayurveda practices are very old and legendary. Some of the tales can be classified as mythology, but what can be established from this is that the institution of Ayurveda is indeed very old.

In India, the state of Kerala is especially regarded as the home of Ayurveda. A lot of specialist Ayurveda treatment centers are spread across Kerala and they claim that Kerala is the home to many different types of special herbs, which aid in the Ayurvedic treatment. The Ayurvedic specialists also claim that the month of July and August are the best for Ayurvedic treatment. These are the monsson months in India and the temperature is much lesser comparatively. So these months basically bring the change from summer to winter.

According to the Kerala Ayurveda specialists, the month of July and August are the months of rejuvenation, when the body needs some rejuvenating and the temperature is ideal for this. The month of July/August is known as Karkitakam in Kerala and the Ayurveda treatment at that time is called as Karkitaka Chikitsa, which basically means a rejuvenation therapy in the month of Karkitakam.

The Ayurveda specialists also perform many special Ayurveda treatments during this month. For example Panchakarma- which is basically a rejuvenation therapy which consists of five modes of treatments- is done only in the month of the monsoon.

We found this video which gives a good demonstration of an Ayurveda massage.

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