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Massage for the Soul
Tue, 2 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Holistic therapies since ages have been known to pamper the human body as a ‘Whole’. This signifies that not only will such massages, treat your entire body but will also establish a connection with numerous problems residing inside and outside it, thus offering an effective technique of rejuvenating. Such therapeutic massage of touch is quite abetting and relaxing service that stimulates the mind to be at ease while your stamina is being increased. Holistic application is known to enhance the soul on an emotional ground.

Types of holistic massages

a)        Full Body Massage

A full body massage is a deep tissue oil therapy that blends various techniques to bestow an everlasting comfort. This treatment alleviates stress and aches, thus reinforcing mobility in body. Such holistic technique eases pain and tension making you more flexible.

b)        Body balance and stretch therapy

The most eloquent and meaningful advantage of body balance remedial treatment is overpowering pain while understanding how to let it go at the same time. Surprisingly it takes long to learn how to relax your body. Thus body balance is a routine of loosening yourself, opening up: feel at ease. Balance and stretch regime ensures joint extensibility, irradiates pain and alleviates posture imbalances with a holistic approach that is an integral part of age old Thai medicine system.

c)        Age Old Thai Massage

Nuad Boran is a traditional Thai massage that includes static and balanced pressure and acupressure. Also popular as last man’s yoga and even Thai yoga massage the treatment is usually conducted on a floor mat. Involving deep muscle compression, stretching postures and joint mobilization Thai massage offers immense relaxation, energy, improvises various body motions and centers the human soul and body.

d)        Reflexology

The use of pressure on different areas of hands, ears as well as feet is termed as Reflexology. Usually comforting and may be a powerful technique to do away with stress. This alternative holistic treatment emphasizes on the stimulation of anatomical reflex areas to enhance the physiological aspect of your body nearing homeostasis. The application is also extraordinarily transformative and known to treat various medical issues like asthma, cancer and diabetes.

e)        Back ,Neck and Shoulder Massages

 Back, Neck and Shoulder therapeutic treatments are deep tissue applications that trigger areas to alleviate inflexibility and soreness. Few may even consider it as catalyst in loosening up tight shoulder, neck and back, eases pain or comforts the entire body.   Additionally the therapy is a natural soother because it encourages the production of endorphins and is a remarkable stress buster that makes you feel recharged.

f)         Bio-energetic session

Often referred as energy work or reiki Bio-energetic releases the intensely held tensions and emotional energy. Bio-energy not only manipulates but also stimulates the tendons, circulatory system, muscles, bones and body tissues and works remarkably with subtle energy of the body; where all medical problems arise. The negative energy stored in the cell is released from their stress point thus boosting the intensity flow.


Benefits of holistic massages

Holistic therapeutic applications increase energy, improvises focus and offers optimum mental clarity. Great stress buster, the treatments play a vital role in minimizing anxiety and loosens stiffness and tensions in the muscles. Acupressure applied to correct spots improve the body postures, flexibility and more efficient immunity system. People suffering from medical problems like migraines, constant headaches and eye strain feel great relief through holistic techniques. Oils, power and ointments used during the massage sessions, produce endorphins; the feel good chemicals of the body and reduces high blood pressure. Some refer such healings to give remarkable results balancing the entire digestive system and boosting sleep.  Highly comforting, non –intrusive and fantastic feeling this transformative regime revamps self esteem and removes the harmful toxins and lactic acids thereby backing the lymphatic system. Toning and tightening applications aids muscle tone, stimulates the nerve system, introduces reflex responses, enhancing erythema and enhances the interchange of fluids in the tissues.  


Products used for holistic massages


Oils used in therapeutic application soften the skin and nourishes it. Therapists use it on dry skin to lubricate and stretch the skin safely during the session. Lubrification by blends lie coconut oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond oil and other natural oil makes the skin quite supple. Deep friction applied to the effective spots of the body offers maximum results. Experienced masseur never applies oil directly on the client’s body; they always rub oil on their hands before massaging.



Unperformed power is used in holistic treatments and must be applied on the skin with cotton wool. To begin with powder lightly on the body in minimum quantity as powders cause irritation to dry skin.  Thriphala powder is widely used by many therapeutic massage centers Combination of herbs like roots; horse gram, myrobalan, mustard etc are used in powder form to stimulate the nervous system .Herbs like mustard and horse gram are believed to be quite hot in nature and beneficial in boosting the nervous system . Based upon the requests put forth by the client the powder is either used dry or in paste form.


Cold Massage Cream

Creams are often applied on hairier skin and ensure satisfactory holistic experience. Generally creams get absorbed instantly into the skin faster than oil. Excess cream on the body can be easily removed by the therapist at the end of the treatment. Agents like Witch Hazel or Cologne is used to do away with the extra body cream. 


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