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International Yoga day
Sat, 20 Jun 2015 / by Radhi
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The heartfelt appeal from our PM Narendra Modi to the UN, towards the end of 2014 made the United Nations General assembly declare June 21st as the International Day of Yoga.  This day will now annually be recognised for Yoga to generate awareness of its true potential need to mankind. While many of us believe yoga to be some norm attached to culture and religion of a certain system, it is not so. Now crossing these barriers giving it an international importance one must know that yoga is merely not an exercising system. Yoga is a pursuit to seek wellbeing from within, which a human has to seek from within, it’s a system towards understanding the full life mechanics. Yoga is not only practicing various postures to attain physical well-being. Yes, though partially correct but is a misconception by many here and in the western countries. Health benefits through yoga are by-products of the entire process, rather Yoga in true sense is to ‘Unite’ with the universal consciousness. Now, this may sound spiritual and certainly is. Why do you think that only yogis and rishis in ancient India practiced this several thousand years ago? It was purely to experience oneness with the creation. A perfect health helped them achieve fitness merely in the process of practicing certain asanas, breathing techniques and relaxation methods. Health benefits is one aspect to it but the core was to attain self-realisation.

But what if I want to gain only a healthy body and mental well-being though yoga? Definitely it is possible. The physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and other forms of strengthening exercises to focus on flexibility of the body and mind is all part of the yoga process. One can certainly practice these to attain physical health and mental well-being. The right kind of diet to be followed also has an impact on practicing yoga and suitable guidance is certainly recommended. Our ancient scriptures specify various kinds of yoga. According to the Patanjali eightfold path of yoga, Asana (various postures) has gained a significant importance. Especially through the breathing techniques, mediation coupled with asanas in yoga system have shown several health benefits. There are evidences that regular yoga practice can benefit people with heart disease, hypertension, aches and pains, arthritis, depression and many more.

In several press interviews PM Modi has briefed upon the importance of this ancient science. He too admits that Yoga is not just about exercising but is a way to discover oneness within yourself and the creation. Health benefits are just by products that happen naturally by the regular practice of yoga. Cricketer Virat Kohli, Amitabh Bacchan, Akshay kumar and several other renowned celebrities are brand ambassadors for Modi’s mega event of International Yoga day on 21st June this year. In his several speeches to the nation on account of this day, Modi explains on yoga as the profound ancient science that can unfold the infinite potentials of human mind and soul. Practicing yoga can help a person stay fit and healthy, develop positive attitude and bring about a sense of positive lifestyle changes for good, also can sharpen their intellect to put into the relevant use. Thus when it comes to economic and human welfare of any nation, when the core leadership undertakes this practice of yoga, we could expect a prosperous nation and a peaceful globe in the years to come. In one of his press videos PM Modi glorifies the benefits of yoga bestowed upon him and considers it to be the secret of his energy throughout the day despite a hectic schedule.  He sleeps minimal, though his doctors suggest him to have minimum of 5 hours of sleep. However he states of having a very sound sleep despite sleeping for less number of hours. He further details out that yoga and pranayama (deep breathing) as part of yoga system has helped him achieve his level of fitness and energy.

Having explained the spiritual side of yoga and the benefits to health due to yoga, one must be able to decide for what purpose they would want to utilise this ancient science. Even for physical health and mental well-being the various postures or asanas therein are to be performed appropriately under suitable guidance and advice of a yoga master. Inappropriate asanas or breathing techniques followed can have dangerous implications on body mind and the energies. Hence a professional guidance is always recommended. A yoga guru can advise on the appropriate yoga suitable depending on one’s health, fitness level, and mental well-being. According to our ancient yoga system and scriptures there are 4 types of yoga possible: Karma yoga, Gnana Yoga, Bhakti yoga and Kriya yoga, though there may be others according to various modern school of thoughts. These 4 types of yoga work on 4 aspects such as the body, mind, emotions and energy. A spiritual and professionally certified yoga master would be the best guide to throw light on which yoga suits an individual.

Having imbibed the fundamental information on this ancient science of yoga, starting June 21st why not make a commitment to yourself and practice this science under a Yoga guru, to explore the potential of this holistic spiritual and fundamental lifestyle ?  Exploring professional and dedicated yoga centres in Bangalore should now be just a click away with the help of several wellness portals. 

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