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Get A Spa Break
Wed, 3 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Struggling to access a perfect hide away from your busy schedule ? Getting pampered in a spa is a fantastic ,luxurious treat you will fondly cherish. With over hundreds of beautiful salons and spas in India spread across different states , beauty therapies are an ideal indulgence for those planning to provide themselves a ;much required rejuvenation .


Why indulge in spabreaks ? 

Present corporate  senerio expects you to be at your best  all the time ; be organized , work long hours and more . Unable to strike a balance between your work and life takes a toll on your energy level ,making you fatigued and  lack the much required boost . Spa escape helps you access therapeutic  massages , makeover and range of beauty treatments that brings back the lost charm,confidence , glow and rejuvenates you . Growing pollution level across the world has been known to have a negative impact on human skin ,hair ,eyes and overall health ;witnessing a rise in ayurvedic health centers . Panchakarma therapies offered by the ayurvedic resorts detoxifies the entire body by washing the toxins off your body

For those not able to take a vacation, can consider taking a mini spa break and get pampered by holistic treatments that has been around for more than hundred years and poses several health benefits. Some of these body treatments comprises of facials ,manicures , massages ,body wraps and more . Body therapies calms down the nervous system and helps you relax ,they are quite beneficial in improvising your blood circulation ,boosting the lymphatic system and more .


Types of holistic breaks

The Destination Spas – Known to improvise your lifestyle and boost well-being ,destination spas offers a blend of workouts , healthy diet, spa and therapeutic treatments . Destination spas are a must visit places if you are on a trip alone as you can explore organized workshops and activities ; giving you a chance to get along with like -minded people . 

Thermal or hot-spring spas – Thermal spas poses an on-site mineral waster source . Traditionally several  medical ailments were treated by these mineral or thermal water.

Ayurvedic  holistic spas – Famous for enhancing science of life ayurvedic treatment is an ancient health treatment process in the world. Ayurveda plays a vital role is avoiding and curing ailments; their symptoms ; enhances the immune system ;promising an overall good health and delays aging . Therapies offered at the an ayuvedic  centers are developed for the patient after a thorough consultation with the in-house physician. Mediation and yoga programs too are offered by most these ayurvedic spas.

Medical spas – Inducing an ancient medical approach medical spas have medical experts like the physiotherapists at your service .

Hotel and resort spas – Such spas are situated either within a hotel or resorts offering world-class ;administered therapies paired with fitness and verdure and not to forget the spa cuisine options .

Thalassotherapy centers – Luring its customers with comforting sea water therapies Thalassotherapy centers uses warm sea water to comfort you . A perfect solution for relief and de-stressing, Thalassotherapy eases your general aches and pains and cures sleeping disorders.


Gifting a spa break

If you are struggling to find that one perfect gift for your friend then spabreaks make a wonderful and rejuvenating treat . Your friend and loved ones will always remember you for it . Gift vouchers are usually made for a certain value and comprises of the name of the person gifting it and the person who is accepting it . Your loved one will be able to use the gift certificate or voucher to access any services worth the amount mentioned in it .

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