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Foot Reflexology
Fri, 24 Jul 2015 / by Radhi
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Nice warm distressing massage at a saloon or spa is the best way to pamper yourselves after a long and tiring hectic day. Pedicure, facials, various kinds of Swedish and ayurvedic massages may have their own benefits, however Reflexology is unique and is believed to be one of the important techniques towards elevating one’s state of well-being. According to the Chinese traditional medicine belief, feet are considered as the second heart of the human body. Massaging nerves in the feet help to heal most body aliments including chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis and is also effective to prevent common cold and strengthen the body.  

This deeply relaxing and soothing massage kicks off with your beauty therapist applying firm pressure to specific points on your feet known as reflexes that corresponds to various tissues, organs and systems throughout the body. By stimulating these reflexes the body is encouraged to heal itself through relaxation. It is believed that there are 72 pressure points on the feet and by applying pressure at these points 7,000 nerves in the body get stimulated and help distress the full body.  This preventive therapy and natural healing art is certainly an effective relaxation tool in the urban world that is full of stress. The sedentary lifestyle, stress and pollution in cities give rise to many health problems including sinus, asthma and other chronic diseases.  Neck problem is one of the common concerns among the IT professionals these days. A 45 minutes to one hour Foot reflexology session helps to resolve such problems and also stimulates metabolism that helps to clear the toxins off the body.

Foot Reflexology helps in relaxing mind & body 

Foot reflexology: The celebrities’ passion

The profound health benefits of this technique is getting popular amongst the rich and famous in the glamour world too. So much so that celebrities such as the English model and actress Susie Amy is training to become a reflexologist herself. Besides, famous personalities such as Late Princess Diana had regular foot reflexology sessions at her residence thrice a week. The all-time favourite Hong Kong martial artist and actor Jackie Chan purchased a property in Singapore especially to develop the foot reflexology business.

Four years ago the Indian actress and vee-jay Suchitra Pillai took the opportunity to fly off to Bangkok’s Shen reflexology to distress herself with this soothing and distressing massage. The actress cum vee-jay was so impressed with this technique that in one of the television interviews she encouraged everyone to explore this amazing distressing massage at a spa at least once in life time.

Foot reflexology works wonders for those trying to conceive or suffering from any pregnancy complications.  The English TV news reporter Suzi Perry when left distressed after an ectopic pregnancy, resorted to reflexology in order to pursue her ongoing quest to conceive a baby.

Health benefits are huge and including an additional technique to the professional treatment chart is an added advantage to your beauty business. Which pressure points on the feet correspond to resolve which health problem? Is something that has to be learnt through to obtain a professional certificate in foot reflexology. Certified reflexologist know which pressure points to manipulate in order to derive the desired reflex and stimulate self-healing. An ultimate spa foot treatment with exclusive and breath taking foot reflexology sessions is the one that should be aimed for, to distress yourself.  

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