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Fish Spa in Bangalore, India
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 / by Mano
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I just learnt about this therapy called Doctor Fish Spa. I was wondering what this spa service is about! It's quite amazing to learn about these services. For people who are in for new experiences, it sure provides a interesting way to indulge yourself this weekend. Check it out. 

Introduction to Doctor Fish Spa

Fish spa uses small special fish called doctor fish, nibble fish where the fish exfoliates and smoothens feet. 

Below is a explainer video which I came across in you tube.


Below are some of the outlets in Bangalore who provide Fish Spa.

In Bannerghatta Road , it's provided by Saama Wellness Center.



In Sanjay-Nagar, it's provided by Taman Budha Spa



In RMV Layout, it's provided by Taman Budha Spa



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