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Different and effective facial techniques
Sat, 1 Aug 2015 / by Gaurav Guha
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A facial massage’s aim is to relax the facial muscles and also keep the fresh young and fresh. There are different techniques by which this can be done. Facial massages can be done at home as well as a spa. We have listed out some of the more popular and easier facial massage techniques in this article.

Facial mask

There are various types of facial masks which can be used for the facial skin. The purpose of a facial mask is to keep the facial skin young and healthy. Different masks such as a scrub mask or a peel off mask can be used for this purpose. The materials used in the masks are also different materials used are clay, milk, sugar and also oil and many other different materials. The different type of materials used in masks is suited for different type of skins. Thus, a person must always consult with a specialist before applying a mask.
We found a video which shows different mask recipes, which can be prepared quite easily at home.


Shiatsu is a Japanese method of facial massage. Shiatsu helps in the blood flow in the face. Some researchers have proved that Shiatsu helps the facial skin in being kept young and healthy.
This video gives a good demonstration of the Shiatsu method.

Forehead Massage

Forehead massage is a very old technique which has been passed down through centuries. This involves gently pressing the forehead muscles enabling them to relax. This works as a great reliever for head-aches and also prevents wrinkling. This massage is quite simple and can be done at home too.
We found a video with a great demonstration of a forehead massage. 

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