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Choosing the best anti-ageing treatment
Tue, 28 Apr 2015 / by Radhi
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Who wouldn’t want to reverse the nature’s clock effect on their skin? Ageing is nature’s phenomenon and it is difficult to come to terms with this process. Wrinkles, puffed eyes and loss of vigour all related to the ageing process is quite frustrating. Everyone is looking for some solution to delay the ageing process and no wonder we have so many anti ageing skin care products and anti ageing food supplements to help us out. But how long? And are they really worth trying? Well, ageing is a natural phenomenon and we have to accept the fact that though we can delay this process we cannot deny it. Ageing is a mixed result of influences occurring over time with your lifestyle choices, genetic factors and environmental factors. Slowing the ageing process is what the anti-ageing products and treatments available out there in the market actually do. Out of these skin care products and supplements many just target the visible signs of ageing while rarely few target the source of ageing. Still further with extensive research going o in the field of anti ageing science there are products in pipeline that aim to target at anti-ageing personalised products based on skin type.

The basic ingredient that go into making of any anti ageing products are Vitamin A, C, antioxidants like Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, hydroxyl acids, peptides and some natural extracts . While choosing anti ageing food products such as supplements or anti ageing skin care products one should look for the desired result such as firmness of skin, reducing of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth skin and a supple hydrated skin. Besides anti-ageing creams and home devices, there are professional treatments available at spas and saloons. Anti-ageing facials are common these days that claim to restore skin elasticity and firmness, also certain spa treatments implement self-adjusting galvanic currents in order to restore firmness and delay ageing process. Some explore cosmetic surgery and few others don’t hesitate to try the non-surgical way of anti-ageing treatments like Botox.

Swear by celebrity secretes and delay ageing

Certainly there may be many anti ageing products in the market and no harm in trying those out under the advice and guidance of a beauty expert. However one should also not forget that not all anti-ageing products, be it skin products or supplements suit everyone. Especially when pregnant or planning to conceive, one has to be very considerate about using these products both internally as well as for the external application. Few ingredients in the product may not suit every skin type and few may tend to develop rash, dry and itchy skin upon applying such creams or anti ageing lotions. However one cannot make a general judgment based on these reactions since each one has a different skin type. This is where a professional advice either at your saloon or at the skin clinic is recommended.  

Natural home remedies are another alternative to reverse your biological clock of ageing, though they don’t work at source but definitely are great help towards reducing the signs of ageing. Papaya pack, egg yolk mask, carrot and tomatoes face pack are few remedies that can be explored upon consulting with your beautician.

Famous Bollywood celebrities also vouch for natural home remedies as the best way to keep anti-ageing secrets. Have you ever wondered the beauty secrets of our all-time favourite Bollywood queens like Sridevi, Maduri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai? And our dream girl Hema Malini, the first question to cross our minds is, does she ever age? Well, though our Bollywood beauties do have their own choice of anti ageing products, they also believe that there is no substitute for natural remedies such as a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. Proper diet, Yoga and an inclination towards spirituality are important attributes according to Hema Malini that help to lock the age of a woman.  

Indeed external help of latest anti ageing technology is very much encouraged in this age of skin care by dermatologists and beauty experts. However which anti ageing treatment or products suits you and for how long? Will the products go along well with your current health condition? These can be discussed with your beautician to help you make a wise choice of anti-ageing products.



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