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Body scrubs and wraps - Spa treatments
Tue, 7 Jul 2015 / by Radhi
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Body scrubs are best way to exfoliate skin and helping them remove the dead skin cells from your body. The process of scrubbing help stimulate circulation of blood and improve skin tone.  Body scrubbing should not be confused with body massaging. As a matter of fact Body scrubbing is an ideal way to relax and prepare yourself before a body massage. The main ingredient in body scrubs are either salt, rice, hulls and those kinds of abrasive materials that can aid in efficient scrubbing of cells. Apart from the main ingredient the body scrubs also have a moisturising, anti-ageing, cooling and relaxing effect in them. This exfoliation process is then followed by a light shower or an application of body lotion. Besides the suppleness of skin, body scrubbing gives a sense of overall relaxing. Homemade scrubs using oil, sugar and ground oatmeal can be made and applied. However a professional guidance at the first instance is always advisable. Additionally one must be watchful of when not to go for body scrubbing, especially when you have sunburns, rashes or any skin allergy. Since the main ingredient in body scrubs are of abrasive kind they might cause irritation to skin and in such cases could make the situation worse. Hence before taking up a body scrub process this better to talk to your beautician about any skin problems or allergies that you have such that they can gauge the possible ill effects and may advice suitably. 

A body wrap usually involves wrapping your torso, arms, and legs with a suitable mud or organic pack. This process of wrapping helps to expel extra fluid and toxins from the body and maintains firmness of the skin. Basically detoxification process is enhanced with body wrapping and water retention is reduced thereby making this process recommendable as a weight management solution as well. Different types of body wraps are possible like sea weeds or algae for detoxification treatments. Ace bandages or plastic wraps tightly wrapped around the body can aid in weight loss through vasodilation. Still some spas may have slimming wraps to help in weight management. Basically in this process the body is slathered with a body mask like seaweed peat, organic seaweed leaf wrap, and other wrap materials. Usually after the process the client is asked to hydrate adequately.

Now how to follow subsequently body scrub, massage or wrap? Some prefer massage coupled with wrap and some do not. A professional and certified beautician at a spa would be the best person to guide and advice in this regard. Not that body scrubs and wraps are something unique but are followed by our Bollywood stars too. Here is a glimpse of what these actresses do to have a relaxing scrub and wrap. Our 2 states girl Alia Bhatt prefers a full body scrub at Myrah Day spa in Mumbai, where she ends up at least once a week. Priyanka Chopra prefers Ayana resort and spa, Bali for a lava body scrub and volcanic earth body wrap. She also has a relaxing sea algae wrap at the Willow stream spa at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, Monaco. For a jasmine wrap with brown sugar and honey Pure Altitude in France is her favourite choice. The Standard spa at Miami is where Priyanka goes for a relaxing vitamin wrap.

So next time you wish to have body scrub and wrap treatments in luxurious spas as that of our celebrities, relax. It’s just a matter of exploring the best spa from the comfort of your home using online beauty portals that could help you in fetching the right spa. 

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