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Ayurveda and post-partum care
Fri, 31 Jul 2015 / by Radhi
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Ayurveda an ancient comprehensive system of medicine is traced back 5,000 years ago and proof of it exists in our Vedic scriptures. The whole science focuses on root of the problem, unlike modern medicine that tries to tackle the signs and symptoms of diseases.  Ayurvedic treatments are based on five elements namely: Air, Ether, Fire, Water and earth. These five elements combine to form dynamic forces called Doshas namely the Vata (Space and air), Pitta (Fire and water and Kapha (Water and earth). During the post-partum period Vata dosha increases and to bring about balance, foods that reduce this dosha are to be implemented. Post-delivery the mother’s body has undergone a huge transformation and is actually going through a whole lot of detoxification process. This calls for rejuvenation in terms of proper food, supporting herbs and a holistic massage. In order to decrease the Vata dosha foods like whole grains, easy to digest rice, rooted vegetables, fruits like apples may be followed. Basically foods that are light and easy to digest are to be implemented considering the sensitive digestive system of the new mum post-delivery. Apart from these, supporting ayurvedic herbs like Dashamoola can be followed for a scheduled period to help strengthen the pelvic region and restore other body functions.

Unlike modern medicine, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend complete rest for the new mum for a period of 50 to 60 days. Slight stretching exercises are advised however other ayurvedic massages are often recommended during this period. Warm oil massage, warm bath, ingestion of warm fluids and self-massaging is advisable.  As per our Indian culture and like the olden day tradition belly wrapping is essential for post-partum care to tone the abdomen, muscles and organs. The method of belly wrapping, the cloth to be used for wrapping and the herbs to be implemented can be sorted out with, under the guidance of a professional ayurvedic practitioner. Besides, Abhyanga Ayurveda post-natal care regimen is also followed by certain practitioners where they use Sesamum oil, and/or Dashamool oil for a hot oil massage. Abhyanga massage aids in better blood circulation, improves digestion, tones up the pelvic, abdomen and back muscles and relieves muscle spasms.

Bollywood celebrities of yesteryears including those of today, who have been through mother hood also acknowledge the benefits of Ayurveda in post-partum care. Hema Malini, Aishwarya rai all vouch for ayurvedic method for rejuvenating the body post-delivery. After all proper rejuvenation is the key for the optimal health of mum and new born. Nutritious food, hot oil massages and medicinal herbs support the recovery process post-delivery. Working around the conceptual basis of the five basic elements that every human body is comprised of, this ancient medical science is the best means to tackle post-partum issues both at physical and mental level.  There are quite a handful of ayurvedic practitioners these days, and very experienced ones near your locality could just be a click away. On-line beauty and fitness portals on women and health issues perhaps could be an ideal solution to explore such holistic approaches. 


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