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What is Blow Dry Service in Salon?
Sat, 13 Dec 2014 / by V Style Admin
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Blow dry

It simply means how they dry the hair after cutting it. 
They will/should use a hairdryer, brush and a clip. Possibly with products they will dry the hair into the shape it is cut to. If they are perfectionists and enjoy their job they might personalize the haircut once it is dry.


How to blow-dry hair

Drying your finished hairstyle is as important as the cut itself. You will judge the quality of your work by the end of hairstyle. There are a number of ways to dry and style your hair:

·         Blow-drying with a hand-held dryer;

·         Using a hood dryer Set hair into shape;

·         Towel drying, with the aid of finger drying; and

·         Using heat-styling equipment Moulding and shaping the hair


How to dry hair into shape

The most popular way of drying hair today is the hand-held hair dryer (commonly called a blow-dryer). This is the process of styling wet hair so that you achieve a particular shape when the hair is dry. When you are blow-drying, there are some important factors to remember that will help you to get a good finish:

·         After shampooing, dry your hair with Towel;

·         Apply styling aid you wish to use, e.g. Spray, Moose, Gel;

·         Mould your hair into the desired shape/style with your hands or a comb;

·         Mark out each section of your hair cleanly, starting at the bottom, work upwards using the angles of the cut to achieve the desired effect;

·         Direct the nozzle on your hair dryer down the hair shaft. This will help to smooth the cuticle down and give you a better finished Blow-dry look;

·         Work the Blow-dryer and brush in unison. Do not hold the dryer still over a section as this will burn your hair rather than shape your hair;

·         Use the cold feature on the Blow-dryer, if there is one, to fix your hair into shape (hot air moulds your hair, cold air fixes your hair);

·         Work methodically through your hair, by using clean, small sections;

·         Check the angle of your hair to be lifted.


This will help you to determine the volume required at the root area. The sections you use will helps to determine the direction of your hair.

 They are usually horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Make sure all the hair in each section is dry before you move on to the next section remember that, if you require more volume at the root, the more lift you must use for it.


This is achieved by directing heat on to your root area and then allowing your hair to cool down. Keep always the dryer a safe distance away from your scalp to protect from any discomfort. Once you have blow-dried your hair into the desired shape/style, you can use any of the available fixing and finishing products. These include Wax, Gel, Serum and Hair Spray. 

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