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Tattoo done beautifully!
Tue, 2 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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The words ‘Tattoo’ springs up from a Tahitian term ‘Tattau’, meaning to stamp or mark. Holding a distinctive significance in various cultures tattoo identifies a wearer’s style statement, his favorite character or movie, a momentous piece or hides his scars. Tattoos can equip a woman to canvas the body parts that don’t look quite good. Everything right from illustrations to one’s body area, to the essence, to the artists themselves – the tattoos become the wearers one way even before he actually has one. 

Myths about Tattoos

·         It’s a misconception that tattoos are limited only to rioters, non-conformists, marine and bikers.

·         As one age their skin wrinkles making them regret for getting a tattoo.

·         Tattoos wearers are not accepted in the civilized world and have low career opportunities.


Why Get A Tattoo?

a)      Knowing Yourself - Tattoos adds a meaning to the wearer’s life. One must not rush into making a tattoo and later hate them some months down the line. Pondering over repeated occurrences that one is attracted to or associated with gives a concrete meaning to that inspirational design. 

b)      Honoring Loved Ones -From army personnel’s to family portrait designs wearer can honor their dear ones in a tattoo. Black and grey ink is quite in vogue for admiring dear ones in a pragmatic tattoo style. But you can also express gratitude with verse designs.

c)       Style Statement – Tattoos are also preferred for creating a style statement. If an individual intends to exhibit his unique style, any style of body art or corrections and adornments will help.

Many get tattoos to hide up their scar tissues, like choosing a breast tattoo design post-mastectomy. If a person has lost his leg in a shark attack he often decides to gets a shark head design on his remaining limb. This humor quotient has a healing effect especially when the person is trying to boost his self confidence by improving his body appearance.


What Should You Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo?

a)      When deciding on if the time is right to get a tattoo, carefully think over your decision. Question yourself if it’s just a desire or a deep rooted urge . Desire to get a personal design is fine but try thinking about it ‘for entire life ‘carefully as well.

b)      The tattoo studio you are visiting must be clean and hygienic as a dental clinic. It should display the same concern for sanitation and healthy work atmosphere.

c)       Often search for a reputed and skilled artist ends up with an online search. Best artists have a very strong online presence and work portfolio that exhibits their excellence and talents. One should also check out with their local tattoo artists.

d)      It’s not necessary to carry your own design. But it’s at least good to poses an idea of what you expect. Skilled artists often present you with a portfolio of their work for reference.

e)       Sun tends to expedite the aging of a tattoo quite similar to what it does for ones skin, so fragile, colored design must be worn in an area covered to eliminate rapid fading.

f)       Tattooing might sound quite painful, however few actually interpret it as a physical sensation caused due to the machine operating across their skin. Those who feel the pain, consider it as a part of their investment in their desire.

g)      Tattooing is an exhausting process, so clients are advised to refrain from drugs and alcohol for twenty-four hours before their appointment with the artist. It’s recommended to eat a healthy meal beforehand and carry some water and some healthy snacks.  


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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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