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Hottest Winter Nail Colors
Tue, 2 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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The wonderful season of the year is just round the corner, when mature ladies would get an opportunity to  flaunt their attire paired with over-the-top lustrous nail polish. This winter popular nail polish brand promises a gorgeous transformation. But for women feeling more or less grouchy , there are more than regular jazzy reds or blues here. You can now pick frosty pastels and glossy neutrals . The color you might miss out on this season are Neons . As holiday commences soon after Halloween , it would be fun to know the nail colors that dominate this year.

Hunting for some colossal hues ? Frosty reds , purples and blues adorn your fingertips this winter. Pastle , close to soft grayish blue makes you look elegant especially on milky skin tones. Exemplary blue-based silky red tends to suit everyone's taste. The barely pearly nude is a perfect workday color , while flamboyant berry is as resilient as any natural shade . Wearing silvery gray polish stands out appealingly on dark skin .

Hot color picks this winter

Navy Color – While the limited-edition of few brands are predicted to near – quick extinction , the burnished blues helps you create an everlasting impression. Murky navy shade will offer a contemporary edge to retro -designed Palazzo pants and mod makeover. Blue hues followed by a manicure can be paired up beautifully with any attire and fabric texture ; even when you choose to go dark and opulent.

Pastel Purple Shades – Girls can choose to pair an intergalactic pattern on their leather short dress with peppy plum nails. 'Lilac taps the zest of artistic liberty ; keeps it simple yet cosmopolitan. For a flirtatious look , choose a pure milky white base and top it with one coat of purple . Few manicurists prefer mixing around six color shades to attain a splendid velvety tint .This trend goes well on a shorter nail. Mauve is best worn with expensive pelf , hats and Palazzo pants . Some beauty experts believe that lilac quickly mellows the look of your fingertips.

Red hues - Classic red shade on your nails ; are always in fashion and leaves everyone staring at your fingertips. Like your accessories nail colors are known to create a style statement , making you look quite bolder thus better. The smooth glaze finish is in while wearing red , so a base coat is a must and must be sealed with a bright topcoat. Proclaim your affluent cherry-red cuticles with short tailored skirts, printed blouses and elegantly done eye makeup . Accept your outgoing nature and pursue your urge to wear a daring red nail coat .Albeit subtle it always boosts your appearance.

Dark Chocolate Color - Refrain from the direct shots of black shades from the past winter and include Dark Chocolate hues , that captures the effect with a gorgeous golden overtone. Brown shades are quite contemporary and classy and just two coats of it will make you look obvious. A blend of maroon and brown hue is best paired with a satin , velvet and Jacquard fabrics.


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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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