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Few Blunders to Avoid While Selecting A Perfect Salon
Tue, 9 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Everyone we have ever known ; friends , family members and so on have had their own tough time ; looking around for the best salon in town. However there are few rock-like ways that can really help you make the right pick and avoid some common blunders; while doing so . Clients often choose salons depending on the price factor. Albeit all of this is pretty explainable; you receive what you actually pay for at the end of your beauty regime. So if you have been craving for a paramount service you must exercise your choice based on the value you get and not on how much you save. This is precisely why overall value is the sum total of service ability combined with quality and the rate. Its not reasonable for any business domain to cater to your budget and bestow an optimum quality as well as service, all in sync. Secondly every salon in the city is very different and no two beauty parlour is on the same nail. Different salons extend poles apart services and experts equipped with unmatched competencies and trainings.


Communication is highly pivotal for identifying the salon that meets all your requirements and answers your entire question without making you feel embarrassed for doing so. There is no harm in asking the type of experience or training your stylist has or how much time will they spend with you prior to the actual appointment. Access all possible testimonials and see if the team is caring and friendly and go over any other questions that are unique to your requirements. This will enable you to decide if it is the best salon for you. Many of you frequent several different salons as you might consider that whoever gets you in the soonest will win your appointment. It might look convenient to some of us but this isn't the best way to bargain with the salons. An up to snuff salon has a lot of dependable clients that they absolutely don't have to compromise with price shoppers. Whence once you have identified a good salon you must be loyal. .


If you keep on flipping and flopping from one beauty parlour to another the stylists will not be too keen to retain you as their client in the long run and will give first preference to their frequent clients. Grabbing  the best deals and discounts are quite tempting but should not be prioritized over a good service and super quality .When you are not loyal  to  your therapist or salon and appear every six months to  fix your budget haircuts ; when you require a favor who are you going to rely upon ?When your fiancé calls and informs you that he will be in town for the weekend and you have your grey hair showing ,who do you think is going to bend to the backwards in aiding you to look your very best ? Under the circumstances trust your salon and let them work wonders. Furthermore if you don’t allow ample time to your therapist to make you look desirable, mistakes are bound to happen. Dont just rush into things and reserve enough time to communicate with your hair stylist and get that perfect haircut you always wanted.

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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Spending some tickled pink time as an H.R personnel ; passion for new found looks stung this internet geek ; quite deep. Bhawna ; better known in the blogging arena as 'Bhav' invests 15 hours ,on blogging and unfurling secrets to ;stupendous looks , rejuivenation and anything that adds to one's refinement. She dreams of dusting glam onto all ; college goers ; working class ; housewives and so on . Curating content for 8 years now ' Bhav' feeds on beauty trends ; makeup ideas and style inspirations. Staunch believer of the fact ; No one's ugly - all they require is a little tweak and a little touchup. At VBooky she blogs about hairstyles , beauty regime, tattoos, makeup trends , therapy reviews and more. She enjoys blogging because that exactly how she touches several hearts ; people who want to remain or get back their lost charm.