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Face hair bleaching?? Is it safe?
Sat, 30 May 2015 / by Radhi
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Unwanted facial hair and especially on a female face is a cause for unpleasantness and embarrassment for her.  There could be several external as well as medical reasons behind such a cause, nonetheless it is a matter of concern for any woman. With the busy lifestyle these days a working woman hardly finds time to pamper herself at leisure.   Those last minute meetings, important celebrations and bunch of sideburns or hair strings on chin is but enough for her go to crazy. We’ve discussed laser technology and waxing as methods for removal of facial hair. Some women are just jinxed by the thought of laser or waxing as they feel they might end up with a painful experience or disfiguring their face. Sometimes money could be matter of concern when opting for permanent hair removal technologies such as lasers.  No wonder there are so many unwanted facial hair lightening bleaches in the market that makes the life of a woman not only simple but also bestows a painless experience.

Facial Hair?

Facial Hair  & feminity don't go together. The treatment that helps are bleaching or threading to remove the hair.Bleaching method tends to work best when the hair in question is fine, as coarse hair, even when dyed, will still be noticeable. Bleaching hair also tends to work better on people with fair complexions as opposed to dark ones.


Bleaching the face, body is quite common these days. Bleaching removes the pigments and decolourises the hair to match with the skin tone. It does not remove hair, it’s a method just to hide hair. There are various kinds of bleaches each separate for the facial hair, body hair and hair on the head. When it comes to bleaching of facial hair, apparently it is widely used by fair skin tone females and those with fine hair. Facial bleaches don’t work well on dark skin and on thick hair as it can prominently be noticeable. Facial hair bleach is just a temporary solution and one has to repeat this cycle of bleaching after every 6 to 8 weeks.


Can one bleach their face at home? The answer to this question invariably depends upon the amount of professional guidance you receive from an expert in this field. Indeed there are lot many facial bleach products in the market, but one must definitely bear in mind that bleaches after all are chemicals and there is every possibility that chemicals may harm few skin types. The important factor to consider is that the bleach you choose should only work on your facial hair and not on the skin. These bleach products should be applied only for a set amount of time. Sometimes bleaches cause a tingling irritation on skin when left for a long time. One should be well versed with the specific formulation of bleaches used for various parts of the body hair. The bleach for removal of facial hair is gentler and must be appropriately chosen. You must be well aware of your skin tone and nature of facial hair since as said earlier bleaches work well only on fair skin tone and fine hair. When applied on dark skin and thick hair it can stand out and give a contrasting look. If you are prepared to bleach your facial hair at home yourself, you must be aware of the quantity of the bleach product to be mixed with a set amount of ingredient such as powered activator. Also know your health condition and skin type as bleaching may not be safe for acne prone skin and on areas of cuts and wounds. Basically a patch test is always recommended. Bleaching is not considered safe for pregnant women, lactating mothers or for somebody with other complicated health conditions. Post bleaching one must follow certain precautions such as to minimise the exposure to sun for a set period of time, not to undergo any facial treatments post or pre bleaching, a certain time gap after the first bleach session and many other factors.  To put forth in simple words, bleaches are chemicals and handling them needs utmost professional guidance, as DIY may call for some risks in terms of side effects on your skin. Moreover If used inappropriately can also cause certain fatal diseases of the skin.

When unsure of facial hair bleaching products you might as well try certain home remedies in consultation with your beauty therapist. Natural home bleaches is what our Bollywood divas such as Bebo and the southie  Dinka chika girl Asin also recommend their fans to go for. Potatoes and tomatoes when rubbed on face can lighten facial hair to some extent. Likewise lemon in honey, papaya in milk and dried orange peel in curd also work as natural bleaches for lightening facial hair. Home-made bleach or bleaching products, once you’ve decided to go for bleaching those unwanted facial hair, a professional help at a saloon or spa will definitely help. 

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