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Trendy Makeups To Pop Your Eyes
Sat, 13 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Makeup experts can provide wonderful tips to define your eyes and make them pop elegantly. Eyes are the most eloquent part of a women's face and tend to draw quite an attention. Illustrating them more, with an eyelash curler, mascara and some eye makeup adds volume to your eyes.


To get started, curl your lashes slowly with a curler; a critical trick in opening up your eyes and offering them a dazzling look. While using a curler get right at the base of your lashes and then softly push them down for couple of seconds and hold it there ; just a gentle touch and repeat this step again. Lift up and squeeze your lashes; make sure you do not bend them; but give them their desired curl. The process opens up your eyes and offers profound appeal, thus making them look bigger.


"Eyes are the most eloquent part of a women's face and tend to draw quite an attention."


Now that you have fine lashes try wearing your mascara; a voluminous and lengthening formulae mascara combines to  ,help boost your lashes and calls attention to them . Open your eyes wiggle the wand of your mascara right at the base of the lashes and open them out. Based on how much impression you want to create with your lashes; you can construct it with your mascara. The first layer of your mascara gets a dimension and blends to add volume at the base. Additional application of mascara coats offers more length and volume to your beautiful eyes. Try wearing additional mascara coats on the outer three quarter edges of your lashes if you have small eyes. This trick provides a wonderful lift and elongates your eyes visually at the opening offering them the larger and longer look you often craved for. Last layer of mascara on the outer three quarter of your eyes gifts a flirty feel .Once finished with your mascara application give your eyes an extra pop by using a concealor as it cleans up the eye area and makes the lashes come forward. Professionals also recommend the usage of boosters or vitamins infused mascara primer to maximize the performance of any mascara. A booster usually come in white color and offers your lashes a required visible boost.


Use an eyes shadow palate that comprises of five simple steps to obtain an extra charm. Apply the lighter shade first as a base across the whole eye lid up to your eyebrow. This enables the other shades to blend in absolutely well. Next wear a led shade across the lower lid and upto the eye crease, that offers a path for other colors to mix in perfectly. Also play with some cream shade in the out corner of your eyes to lift them and perfect it with a highlighter color in the corner of your eyes to open and brighten them. Seal the entire process by lining the eyes with a liner shade .You can use wet liner to thicken the upper lash line and dry to balance the lower lash line.


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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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