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Simple makeup strategies for the ladies to apply for parties
Fri, 11 Sep 2015 / by Gaurav Guha
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The party season is always on. For the young and working public, normal weekends mean party nights. It is very important to know how to style up for a party. It includes everything, from makeup to the dress that you have chosen. These things will determine whether your reputation will be as a stylish, cool person or just the opposite.

There are pretty simple ways for the ladies to do their makeup in a stylish way.

Apply eyeliner

The eye makeup is very important.  It is quite simple as well. One of the simplest ways to make one’s eyes look attractive is to apply eye liner. It is a very easy process. Just take a pencil eye liner and apply to the edge of your eyelid. This is one of the oldest methods to make one’s eyes look attractive and it’s still in fashion.  We found this video which shows a very simple and effective method of applying eyeliner. 


Curl your eyelashes

This is another way to attract attention to your eyes. Just use an eye lash curler and curl up your eyelashes. It’s a very simple process but very effective. Check out this video which shows different ways of curling the eyelashes. 


Go for a bold lipstick colour

You can do a bold lip color for a party. A bright red or plum or even orange; these are the colors which are only suitable for parties. So be bold and go ahead with a color that just sticks out. We found this video which shows which shades of lipstick is suitable at which occasions. 


Makr your skin glisten

Apply just the right amount of skin glistener at the right places for it to create the right effect. Too much of it and you will end up sparkling up too much. Too little of it and there won’t be any effect. So the right amount is the most necessary thing. Check out this video which shows the proper way to apply skin glistener and also the right places to apply. 

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