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Makeover Guideline For Acne-Prone Face
Tue, 2 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Teens often complain of acne problems; so severe that it covers much of their face and other body parts like their back, neck as well as chest. Albeit it’s essential for your acne prone areas to breathe well at night, you can still indulge in some makeup tricks that stunningly hides the pimples without intervening, with the healing procedure of the skin. Women and men with sensitive skin and allergic to moisturizing creams and foundations can try seeking the help of a makeup artist for a perfect makeup to cover their acne. Certain cosmetic brands are easier on skin and are believed to poses natural ingredients.  

What to look for in a cosmetic? 

Select an inconsequential, oil free motorizing cream or lotion, tagged "non-comedogenic". Constituents like  hyaluronic acid as well as glycerin in a moisturizer, is known to retain the moisture. Affable, non-irritating face cleansers are particularized according to the human skin type and works wonders to keep the face acne-free. Sonic Cleansing System has been formulated to mildly exfoliate the skin without disturbing the repair process. Men facing pimple problems can consider including a non-abrasive, lubricating shaving lotion or buy a prescribed gel comprising of topical antibiotic or benzoyl peroxide, formulated to tackle pimple issues. Women dealing with acne should prefer mineral – based creams and powders containing added constituents like zinc oxide, silica and titanium dioxide conceals redness and soaks oil, without alleviating the acne problem. 

Another magic ingredient dimethicone, hides redness while refining out your rough skin. Full-range sunscreen having an SPF of minimum thirty offers protection against, UVB light as well as UVA. If you face frequent breakouts resorting to light liquid or fully water based spray is a good option. Refrain from chemicals like benzophenone and PABA which can aggravate the pimple problem.

Makeup for pimple-prone face

Women often use makeovers to mask their acnes, but just applying coats after coat to hide when you have an acne outburst isn’t inevitably the best option. When shopping for your eye shadow or rouge or concealors, pick up the non-greasy, mild, non-acnegenic, oil-free and hypoallergenic ones. Carefully read the additives or ingredients –water should top the list. Remember to choose a makeup color that can beautifully blend with the skin tone. Just few drops of foundation works miracle and synthesizes evenly with the entire skin. Let the foundation dry completely before wearing your entire makeover. If you observe redness, irritation or inflammations immediately stop applying your cosmetics.  

Concealer is must have product for men to cover pimples, dark circles and skin blemishes .Powders can be efficiently worn to hide scars and even out your skin tone . Tinted moisturizing lotions or creams are another super convenient choice as it tackles the dryness caused by the pimple treatment. Correctors are quite distinct from the concealers and are available in the market in orange, green and purple colors. They are meant to perfect certain glitches like the under eye dark circles, skin reddening or dull hue. Try applying them before wearing your foundation as foundations helps cover those colors. Always pat or dag the concealer and refrain from swiping or wiping it; as if you do so it will scrape off the top of your acne making it quite visible. 


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