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Irresistible Makeover For Glasses
Tue, 2 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Makeup tricks for eyeglass wearers are quite difficult to access all clubbed together ,but not impossible . Consider yourself extremely lucky to be an eyeglass wearer as you get an opportunity to stay quite cool with your eye makeup . Veritably  your bright shades wont  be noticed behind those trendy eyewear of yours. Do not refrain from defining your eyes with a mascara that gorgeously pops out your eyes from behind your spectacles , so illustrate it up ! Gel liners are quite popular with glass wearers ; stays on long and absolutely easy to bring into play.  Essential makeup guideline for eyed divas is ; apply thicker eyeliner if you have a thicker frame and thinner liner coat if you wear thinner glasses . This tip will add balance  as well as harmony to  your personality and constructs an illusion of  skillfully lifted , more full of life eyelids.Preserve all shimmering bold colors for your lips ; to help your face acquire an extra charm.


Do your eyes brows delicately well and ensure they look doubtlessly fabulous , when you wear your spectacles as brows draw quite an attention. Eyebrows aid in constructing your face ,so offer them a great contour and trim them often . Professional help is all you would require incase you are unable to do it yourself . Sometimes it really doesn't matter if you are wearing your mascara or not , adding slight curls to your lashes will eventually pop up your eyes and make you look adorable behind your  glasses. This also ensures your eye lashes are not being constantly broken against your eyewear . Try on some non- glossy wine , true red ,high -play burgundy ,stain finish brown or sporting violet lipstick shades and watch the magic unfurl.


 If you are wearing a bold frame , you are in a desperate need of a strong lipstick . For those in love with rimless or metal eyeglass frame can choose to go with rich or neutral colors. Bonus trick for women who crossed 49 ; avoid cherry reds,blue-based or purple lip color that may highlight the wrinkles around your lips. Another makeup trick for all glass wearers circles around their blush ! Induce some hue to your cheeks and get that mild summer brilliance with a dust of  soft pink flush or peach tone on the apple of your cheek right upto the hairline . Invest in a branded concealer to cover your dark circles , fine lines ,and puffy bags around the eyes and make them look blazing and fresh !  Seal your casual face foundation with your favorite matte tone for the day , as makeup tend to smudge  due to your spectacles that keep sliding up and down  . Anything glittery or misty might become quite messy to handle ,so its advisable to do away with any glint of any type – be it  highlighters  or glittering blushes . Such products makes your entire face comic with so much shimmer being applied .The deal is that your spectacles are already the greatest assets of your face so wear on a makeup that compliments it , not try to dominate it.


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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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