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Grooming Secrets for Man - To A Complete Look!
Thu, 16 Apr 2015 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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So if you have been bestowed a charming face , its time you  worked on it a bit more , to  make heads turn ; in every party that you attend. Men can start with  their make-up regime by simply  cleansing their clogged skin pores , with a wet wipe . If you intend to keep a little of  those beard on ,to preserve a rugged look ; grab a great clipper ; set it to 1.8 and start with your neck first. Fairly , men these days are not much into growing long beards so they give a run the clipper upward , right from their neck to the cheeks  . Once you are through with your shave , use a branded moisturizing gel , that's super hydrate and nice ; as it does not stay on your skin too heavy. Apply  some gel first on your forehead moving slowly down , all over your face . If you have a lighter hue near the chin area run a tiny bit of tan over there. This is known as man tanning that, otherwise will help you look quite lighter on that area. Wear some of the moisturizer right down  the neck as it works right into your skin real good. Next use a mascara wand to brush your brows in an upward motion  and  any hair that's left out can be trimmed later . Make sure your brows are not too long and that you don't have much hair in the middle of your forehead ; in-between the brows. . To see where your brows end , hold a brush horizontally and tweeze off the extra hair making sure not to touch the actual brow.


"You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset." - Tom Hopkins


To keep the brows masculine don't take away any of the underneath brows. This will not make the brows look too groomed or turn too girly. Also men 

having any hair coming out of their nose can get  a pair of  scissor to cut them. If you are getting ready for a big occasion or event your skin needs to be covered and must be perfect ; but should look natural.  Face and body foundation from a reputed brand if  applied onto the skin too works wonders here .Those of you having an oily skin  can shop for a foundation powder that blends with your skin color. Before applying the liquid foundation mix it well  with some moisturizer at the back of your hand so that foundation does not look quite heavy. Use a brush to apply the combination onto  the cheek area first  ensuring not to apply too much around that area ; as foundations can settle there .Just softly brush it down and while doing so don't forget to take it down onto your neck and the ears . Its important  for you to make sure you have everything in your makeup kit for male grooming ; you may desperately need shaving , moisturizer , creams and products to remove the makeup at times.


Always use your hand , just to warm any products into the skin a little bit more Next grab a concealer and push it into the tiny blemishes around your lips ; ,around the nose and  little bit under the eye on the eyelid . Wear a brow gel by running it all over you brow ; this will make your brow stay. With the same or different brow gel ,run your wand through the lashes to emphasize them slightly . Shop for a powder ,probably a medium dark or any other shade that suits you ; dust it all over your face evenly including your eyelids . A bronzer with no glitter goes well with all occasions.You don't want to use much of it as with men they don't  go on the same places as women . In men it  goes on all hard points on the face where the sun's going to effect like on top of the brows , down the nose ,top of the cheeks an chin. Run a little bit of  lip conditioner on your finger and push it onto your lips. To seal your make-up regime , pour some hair gel into your hands and then rub it through your hair to hold them in the right place.

Picture Courtesy : wikimedia.org

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