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Embrace Your Curls
Tue, 2 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Ever glanced at your friends’ straight hair and hated your twined, knotted locks? Are you tired of spending your money and time on straightening treatments and products? ? Are you wobbly of not knowing how to treat your hair? If your answer is yes then this is a must read article for you .Accept the fact that curly hair can make you look alluring. Curls are gorgeous, chic and arresting and above all exclusive. Try asking yourself; do you really intend to look like every other; green-eyed, straight haired woman next door? Doesn't it sound quite boring ? Girls with curls have been bullied a lot in their schools, colleges almost everywhere. It might look quite tough to accept your curls at first, mainly because the beauty industry is known to serve straight and bouncy hair in most cases and does not pay much heed to curly hair; so we often end up not understanding what to do with curly hair. Begin by accepting your lovely curls and treat them with care.

Why love your curls?

·         Curly hair can be pulled together at the last minute into amazing hair-do .

·         Hair loops add up volume

·         Blow out tends to last long due to the characteristic body in the hair

·         Those wearing curly hair are saved from the hassle of washing their hair daily

·         You can't imagine how versatile curls can make you look


Popular icons too flaunt their curls

Might not be natural always ; Kate Winselet as 'Rose' in the movie 'Titanic ' , Debra Messing , Beyoncé Knowles ,Blake Lively,Brooke Shields,Miley Cyrus etc always look happy flaunting  their curly hair in public . Their curls are sumptuous and possess a great volume compared to straight hair. So love your  voluptuous  coiled locks and keep aside all your concerns related to greasy hair. Coiled hair is exclusive because its distinctive every day . 

Get a perfect curly hair cut

If cut properly fringes look quite wonderful on curly hair. Ask your hair stylist to cut framing pieces  around the face . Its advisable to have long layers. Short layers tend to add too much volume to curly hair.

Grab some  hair accessories

Accessorizing your curly hair can make you look amazing . Beautiful jewel studded pins , lacy bows , light colored ribbons provide an extra edge to the bun or a ponytail. Shop for hair accessories that are nice ,simple yet sophisticated .

Indulge in different hair styles

Try experimenting with different hair -dos if you are having a worse curly hair morning. High, not too tight buns, careless looking hair updo paired with face framing locks look stunning. Buns are known to define people with curly hair; if worn on their ear level or a bit higher. Higher, loose buns with hair near your crown a bit lifted offers a volume. Styles like French braids, pull back the front hair  and fishtail braids  blends well with curly hair . Focus majorly on retaining the natural sheen and look of your curls rather than making an effort to straighten it.

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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
Style Nerd & Beauty Blogger
Spending some tickled pink time as an H.R personnel ; passion for new found looks stung this internet geek ; quite deep. Bhawna ; better known in the blogging arena as 'Bhav' invests 15 hours ,on blogging and unfurling secrets to ;stupendous looks , rejuivenation and anything that adds to one's refinement. She dreams of dusting glam onto all ; college goers ; working class ; housewives and so on . Curating content for 8 years now ' Bhav' feeds on beauty trends ; makeup ideas and style inspirations. Staunch believer of the fact ; No one's ugly - all they require is a little tweak and a little touchup. At VBooky she blogs about hairstyles , beauty regime, tattoos, makeup trends , therapy reviews and more. She enjoys blogging because that exactly how she touches several hearts ; people who want to remain or get back their lost charm.