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Bollywood Eyebrows - That Continue To Cast Its Spell
Mon, 23 Mar 2015 / by VBooky Blogger
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A top brass threading artist doubtlessly knows her work well. She can impress a woman by shaping their eyebrows, cleaning them up and then sealing the end result with a perfect finish. Besides threading the brows, you can get them tinted too. Thick or thin, few famous Bollywood faces like Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika really know how to prop a good pair of beautifully shaped brows. The brows have never been quite famous than they are in this era, with prominent shapes seizing the limelight.


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Let’s take a look into few Bollywood inspired eyebrows, that continue to cast a spell; 

Freida PintoThe awesome arc, of Freida Pinto complements her divinely, almond –shaped eyes. Freida’s make-up artist rims her eyes perfectly with coal black pencil, and then professionally dusts a honey shadow right below her eyebrows. Just one coat of her favorite mascara offers a great definition, worth flaunting 


Image Source - http://it.wikipedia.org/


Aishwarya Rai – This Bollywood diva’s brows are so beloved that you will find few eyebrows –shaping kits in the market too, promising this prima donnas’ soft boost.  Blessed with a graceful face and pointy features, her classic raised arch brows really complement her looks. Her pointy nose and wide –apart eyes rounds-off the point of her brows.

Image Source: wikimedia.org        

Miss Deepika Padukone – Miss Padukone often gets extremely experimental with her raised eyebrows. She enjoys penciling her brow hair to make it look denser and broader, so much that it has now raised several brows. The recent eyebrow booster look was in ‘Deepika’ starrer ‘Blockbuster ‘movie, Happy New Year. 


Deepika Padukone

Image Source: wikimedia.org


Priyanka Chopra – She has always been appreciative of her oval-shaped face. While shaping her eyebrow, her beauty expert definitely aims to strike a balance in the features of her face. This gifts her face opposite fallout of what her face candidly has. With an oval face she definitely deserves a moderate arch brow. The beginning as well as the ending of her eyebrow is on the same level.


Image Source: wikimedia.org

Katrina Kaif - Our leading lady of the B-Town, Katrina Kaif has no trouble carrying her long face. Her beauty experts recommend brows that compliment excessively and are horizontal to balance her elongated face. This makes Kathrina’s face visually shorter. The beginning as well as the ending of her brow too is on the same level.


Image Source: wikimedia.org

Jacqueline Fernandez – When asked, which part of her body she would want to insure, she replied eyebrows. A graceful body, arched eyebrows that defines her desirous eyes with a lovely smile has helped Jacqueline back several movie assignments. Her angled brows, with thicker enduring color and contour complements her heavy jaw line. An illustrated fine peak at the top makes her eyebrows look stronger.

Image Source: wikimedia.org


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