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Premalatha's story- A simple girl realizing her big dreams!!
Fri, 16 Oct 2015 / by VBooky Blogger
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Dr. Premalatha .S has come a long way from spending her childhood in a rural area. Not only has she got a qualification of a doctor in Bachelors of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery in Ayurvedacharya, she has established her own Ayurveda brand outlet in the city of Bangalore, Ayur Chaitanya. With three branches in Bangalore within just 1 year, it is pretty evident that this has been a success story all along!

Premalatha has a very simple motto in life. “It’s the passion to get up every morning to do something good to someone every day. This attitude has given me success in my personal life as well as my work”, says Praveena.  


Premalatha was born in the Kanakapura district of Karnataka, a place which is 55 kms away from Bangalore. She grew up in rural Bangalore. “I grew up with no access to TV in my childhood, played all kind of sports and games, and enjoyed playing every moment with my little brother. I was happy growing up in a village, rather than the concrete jungle of city. I liked having that huge lung space around me and grew up along with trees, plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers that were grown in the farm”, recalls Premalatha. According to Premalatha, that background could have inspired her to embrace Ayurveda.

Her father was in the Police department and her mother was a housewife. “I grew up in a traditional and very orthodox family, with lot of culture and values imbibed in me. I was encouraged to do well academically. My parents tried giving both my brother and me that best that they could afford with their little earnings”, says Premalatha. 

“Education was given the first priority in my family and that has played a huge role in me becoming a Doctor.”


The introduction to spa and salon industry and getting established

After practicing in some Ayurvedic hospitals, owning an Ayurveda clinic was always the next step for Dr. Premalatha. “As an Ayurvedic doctor, I always wanted to start my own authentic Ayurveda treatment and therapy center”, says Premalatha.

Thus, Ayur Chaitanya was opened in the year 2014. And within a very short period of time it had received a great response from the public. “Within one year, we were fortunate to serve couple of thousands of our patrons, who believed in our treatments and therapies” says Premalatha. This paved the path for the opening of more branches of Ayur Chaitanya in Bangalore. Ayur Chaitanya has really managed to carve out a niche for itself among the people who believe in Ayurveda treatment.

Difficulties and Obstructions

“The biggest challenge for me is to adjust to my different roles as a wife, mother, daugher, daugher-in-law and a business owner.”

“I have to adjust to my roles accordingly at all time, this is a huge challenge, especially for a working women”, says Premalatha. 

On the business front, according to her, the major challenge in this health care sector is to find qualified manpower. She says it is hard to find such workers and if you have found them, it is very difficult to retain them.

When asked that how she dealt with the difficulties, she says, “Personal challenges were more easily handled than the professional ones, because the professional ones were not within my control.” According to her, each difficulty has to be dealt with patience and should be taken one step at a time.

What the future holds

“We started with one center in Bangalore, now we have three and are striving to have more in the next couple of years. We have opened our business module for franchisee and have received encouraging response from the wellness fraternity. We hope to slowly move to southern states and then slowly have a presence across the nation”, says Premalatha. 

On asked whether she would want to offer some advice to the guys aspiring to be in this business, Premalatha frankly says that she won’t have much to say on the business front but she says choose a business that makes you get up every morning with all the energy and enthusiasm of a kid who is looking forward to have his favorite ice-cream flavor. That is some interesting advice indeed and with this Premalatha signs off.

Premalatha’s passion for what she does is pretty evident from her words and also her actions. This also proves that Ayurveda centers are presently very popular in India. India is the home of Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic treatments and therapies are gradually becoming mainstream, with the number of Ayurvedic centers increasing on a daily basis. Maybe one of the reasons for this is that passionate people like Premalatha are striving in this sector to make it so.



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