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Your Baby Girl's First Haircut
Sat, 28 Mar 2015 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Your baby's first introduction with your family is worth a fortune! Albeit her birth casts a joyful ambiance, some find her first visit to a salon the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to them. Your little one however won’t view it that way! She would not like the idea of being draped in a plastic cloak, sprinkled with water and stormed with razor-sharp scissors by someone unfamiliar face is indeed frightening. Before your daughter gets those cute bangs - plan the visit quite properly.

Right Time to Visit a Salon

Your girl came into this world, gifted with heavenly bangs. Parents can decide to go in for child's first haircut as soon as she turns 8 or wait until she is 2 years. What’s perfect time for one parent might not be the same for others. It actually reduces down to; does the babyish look still awes you or do you want her to have a big-kid like grace. On the contrary edging delicate baby curls tend to make it look quite thickset.

Give a Thumbs Up

Babies don't welcome jolts and often create a scene or throw tantrums, when taken for her first haircut. To tackle such situations have your girl witness a live haircut session or introduce her to her barber before he or she works on her. It’s advisable to discuss about what she is witnessing - the plastic cloak, combs, scissors and so on. Styling terms like cut can be replaced by terms like clip, boil down etc to make her experience less frightening. Encourage her to do role plays at home where she pretends to get her hair trimmed. VBooky site enlists an array of customer friendly salons that will make you and your girl feel more comfortable and address all queries well. 


Identify the Best Salon

Opt for a salon that has dealt with first timers and fussy children before. Some salons have cartoon movies being played and story books to keep the kids involved.

Prepare Yourself

On her big day allow your girl to carry her favorite doll or teddy bear to the salon. Toy aids in easing them and keep their hands and mind involved. You can trick your kid for her favorite treat hidden in your purse. Make sure you swing her chair a bit away from the mirror, so that she does not fiddle with sharp tools.


Ease Your Girl

If parents are apprehensive, their daughter will throw tantrums and be quite likely to shed tears during her grooming session; try and communicate with her and give her every possible reason to make it a fun-packed experience. Tell her that she will look gorgeous after getting her hair snipped. When she senses that you too are eagerly waiting for her new look, she too will.

Book Wisely

Schedule your bookings during low peak hours and ensure that you have properly feed your child before her haircut. Reach out to your hair stylist and check if she is on time. Your girls’ first hair style usually lays the foundation for several years to come. It’s crucial to enhance an absolute experience. 

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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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