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Wonderful Hair Accessory Is Like An Icing On Cake!
Sat, 13 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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When it comes to getting a hair do for wedding or prom night, a delicate accessory seems like a good option. The exquisite dazzle on the hair dole offers eloquent charm to your appearance. Grandmothers and mothers have been often heard saying that hair pieces have been handed down from one generation to another, on special occasions like wedding. Market today offers some of the finest pieces in gold, silver and more. Collectors even go to an extent where they call them their precious pieces or investments. Bridal and party hair pieces differ majorly in their rates and you can pick from various makes – full crowns, subtle pins, vines, delicate combs etc. Wearer is often perplexed as to which accessory completely compliments their hairstyle, occasion or attire. To be bride must always try her bridal accessories on with her hairstyle or wedding gown before the big day.


Partial accessory makes, are opulent for an amount of rich shimmer and offers a bit lay -bare look around the head. Place them nicely, half way around your tight bun or simply run up the sides of your French curls for a visible glam look. Spiff up comb accessories too are a wonderful selection and are effortless. Easy to wear, these combs are an awesome procession for anyone planning to style their own hair, let’s assume for a prom party.  Optimistically your hair style always makes heads turn on your big day, so wearing a classic – fervor comb can be awesome if you are struggling with a messy hair style or top bun. Effortlessly slide the hair piece to cloak any small bits you think is out of place. You will just adore the way the comb bedecks your braids in your engagement party photograph. Pins are other ravishing and sophisticated jewels that go well with any type of hairdo.




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They are quite impressive because you can wear them on several occasions like on an evening dinner bash with your fiancé or first marriage anniversary. Repeat wear softly brings back sweet memories from the past like the day ; your beloved asked you out or bend down on his knees and asked you to  marry him. Pin accessories make a unique bridesmaid or birthday gift for teenagers as; they are delicate and not devastating. Fragile to normal halo pieces too are gorgeous and a bit more exquisite compared to other hair accessories. Several of these fine halos are either neatly braided in to a women's hair or worn as a chocker. In the beauty accessory market, particularly in the women section, I believe several brands offer fabulously special and subtle hair pieces like feather extension, barrettes, bun nets, bobby pins, claws, scrunches and more to choose from.

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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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