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Tue, 2 Dec 2014 / by V Style Admin
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Popular celebrities Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Deepika Padukone and many have been captured flaunting the highlights on their hair, lighter lashes, and cherry red lips; setting up a perfect style statement for, the women of today. Makeup tricks and spa therapies this season are bestowing a softer appearance making the celebs look quite bold yet natural. When it comes to defining styling or grooming this season, the word for it is ‘Candor’. Despite of being glamour packed the grooming and makeup trends this year are kept very simple. Hair style preferred is, natural, comfy and falling and makeup is kept less finicky. Trends that have been luring women this year can be cited as follows;

Eye Brows

Naturally shaped eye brows are quite popular with women this year. Severely tweezed and overly shaped brows are out of fashion and none of the trend conscious women favor highly arched eye brows these days. Extremely done or excessively filled brows can look artificial. Shades of purple, orange as well as pink appease the eyes like a dazzling sunset. Application of light shades below the eye brow bone, medium tint over the lid and usage of bright color at the lashes defines a women’s appearance to the fullest.   

Eye Lashes

 This season women are going very easy on their eye lashes. Carrying black and brown mascara is all they require to add a perfect definition to their eyes   . It’s not about having excess colors this season - colors will be back soon, but for now it’s wise to keep it sophisticated yet simple. Makeup –artist suggest drawing a thin line offers a modern effect. Those obsessed with very thick lashes can concentrate on its length - stretched eye lashes offers great volume to an individual’s eyes.


Cheery red lipstick is known to look quite terrific on every woman. Bright pink lips are out as hot pink color appears quite unreal and fails to put up with an adult style. Tropic – punch pouts encourages the use of vibrant lip colors like the elegant corals and a tap of clear gloss applied right in the center of the punch pout makes your lips supple and luscious. Ruby- stained lips are in vogue with women shopping for more bold red color – they love to coat and then pat with their finger tips to make, lips look sultry.


This season women can put aside their foundations and yet put up a freckles show. Sheerest soothing lightly tinted body moisturizers blend well with all skin tones. Covering up is no longer a trend and concealing your beautiful skin is entirely against everything so natural. Makeup tricks are completely burrowing the dull faux radiance and reveal the pros of choosing tinted moisturizers that tone up with each stroke .Instead of going all over your skin with a bronzer; it’s advisable to tap it on those body parts where the sun hits the most like forehead, tip of the chin etc. Models at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week were seen flaunting their matte skin paired with an understated elegance. Application of petroleum jelly, between the fingers and then pressing it slowly along the cheekbones offers a radiant, low –key glow.


Nails are making a bold statement this season, so including a deep-toned polish like deep burgundies as well as chocolate brown in your make-up kit is a wise choice. Plain pink colors are no longer in vogue. To avoid chips beauty consultants often advise on applying an extra swipe along the front end of the nail and right under. Women are preferring shorter, square shaped nails that are super easy to manage.

Party make-up trends

·        Disco Hairdo

·         Pin roll hair twist of 1940

·         Ombre or dual-color hair

·         Glam 1960 style revisited

·         Orange paired with hint of red lip color

·         Braided hairband in the front 

·         Smokey gothic eyes 

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