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What is Hair Crimping?
Sat, 13 Dec 2014 / by V Style Admin
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Hair crimping is usually achieved by treating the hair with heat from a hair crimper, often in multiple strands, then undoing the braids. A crimping iron (Hair Crimper) has parallel heated plates which are designed as flat S-shaped repeating groove. 

Wash, condition, and dry your hair

Wash and condition and dry your hair completely. Before crimping straighten your hair with a flat iron, if you have wavy or curly hair.



Hair crimping is a method of hair styling, usually for long and straight hair so that hair becomes wavy, often in saw tooth fashion. It is usually called as hair crimping, but also can be referred crinkles or deep waves.

Protect your hair

 Use heat protection mist for Spray your to protect your hair shafts from the crimper or crimping ironing heat.

Separate hair

Section your hair into 2-inch sections. Crimp all of your hair as it look for a dramatic or select a few pieces just to highlight your face.

Use crimping iron

According to the manufacturer's specifications heat the crimping iron. Holding the iron closed for about 4 seconds at a time, Crimp your hair section by section from the roots to the ends.

Set hair

Pull your hair back with a hair pins or elastic band to show off the crimping. Use hairspray to set your look.

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