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Threading Vs waxing: which suits facial hair?
Sat, 23 May 2015 / by Radhi
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I remember getting my first perfect shaped eyebrow arch through threading. The experience was simply fantastic, little bit of pain as it was the first time, however the results were incredible. Though I had heard about waxing, but wasn’t completely aware that it could be used for facial hair too.  Unlike most countries in the west, threading is an ancient Indian technique and is practiced in India, China other eastern countries and now in the US as well. Threading is rather an art, it’s such an artistic technique to observe how well the cris- cross movements of the cotton strings pull off the hair with ease and quite close to the root. It is observed and also a fact that those with skin problems such as Rosacea or for that matter anybody with a sensitive skin is prone to get burns and rashes upon waxing, hence in such cases threading is generally recommended. Though there are cold wax strips available in various size and shape that work well on eyebrow hair as well, you must but admit that the perfect arch or strong bows can only be achieved with the art of threading. Have you noticed the Mangalorean beauty and former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan’s eyebrow? Don’t they give her the perfect finishing look, a defined look that every girl would dream to have? Sources report that Aishwarya gets her eyebrows threaded to achieve those beautiful defined brows. How could we forget the strong meeting brows of Kajol and Karishma which were the trend of the 90s?

Did you know?

Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that helps to make your hair shinny, Sleeky and Straight. Rebonding is a permanent and also an expensive procedure. Rebonding prices is varying from salon to salon depending on their services, products which they use, length and thickness of your hair and post care.


As we know from our own observations there is minimal to no contact of the skin in threading, whereas a wax strip or a lump of wax gets adhered to your skin. The ripping part is quite painful as far as waxing is concerned. However in Threading since there is minimal contact with the skin though there is pain it’s just equal to an ant bite unlike waxing. Nonetheless I’ve observed from my personal experience that waxing does work well for facial hair in case of thick and coarse hair type. Sometimes a combination of threading and waxing may work well on thick facial hair and may reduce or delay the onset of hair growth. Waxing works at its best if the hair is long enough and thick. For example some people have sideburns, may be fine hair on either sides of their chin. In this case just one session of waxing or threading is sufficient enough to remove the sideburns. Have you noticed Bebo aka Karenna Kapoor’s hair on either sides of her checks, the side burns? Compared to before they are no more to be seen. If you compare the Kareena Kapoor of Refugee to the Kareena Kapoor today there is tremendous change in the way she has managed to get rid of those fine hair or sideburns. We are not sure of her method whether it’s waxing, threading or something else, but definitely it’s a remarkable change.

Certain observations have led to the conclusion that waxing eyebrows constantly may result to sagging of the upper eyelid skin, though there is very little evidence to support this observation. Others report that a combination of waxing and threading of their chin and neck hair has reduced their hair growth considerably leaving a soft and soothing skin. Moreover it’s observed that though threading and waxing work to remove the hair from the root, waxing is considered comparatively better in this regard. If you prefer waxing your facial hair, katori wax and other cold wax types are much preferred and moreover nothing like a professional touch at a saloon. Some even prefer to thread their eyebrows, upper and lower lip and prefer waxing coarse thick chin hair. Mostly the approach of threading fine facial hair, waxing coarse thick facial hair and sometimes combination of both in case of thick hair type, is followed by many. In case you’re diabetic, or suffering from skin problems threading is always preferable. Out of my own observation I’ve noticed that a combination of both work perfectly fine for me. As long as eyebrows are concerned I would vouch for Threading any time. Sagging of skin with repeated waxing sessions is yet to be proved with strong evidences, nonetheless it still remains a concern for many. Above all it depends on your skin type, health condition, hair type and pain tolerance level as some may find threading more painful than waxing and few may find it vice-versa. A professional advice at a saloon or spa will help you decide the best method to get rid of unwanted facial hair.



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