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Shahrukh's Pony Tail - Just A Read Away!
Fri, 23 Jan 2015 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Whether or not quite agreeable ; the trend conscious men today , are definitely favoring long hair styles ; especially striking ponytails. With noted celebrity Shahrukh Khan and few others like ; Ranveer Singh , Ram Charan and Hrithik Roshan, flaunting their ponytails ; indicate the wind is catching up fast in the glamour world . From much admired 'Om Shanti Om' to the conventional Rohit Shetty movie 'Chennai Express ' ,Shahrukh has been spotted wearing ponytail in all his promotional activities . Whenever he gets an opportunity to shine his long hairstyle in public , he makes the best use of his turn. So if you want to go through Shahrukh's Pony tail hair journey , just start growing your hair first .


To get going , with a new found look have all your hair pulled back neatly . You can invest a month or two messing with your long hair ; to pull them back and make them ,kind of straight . Like Shahrukh , you will get most of them back with some hair at the top as those are not quite long enough to be put into the ponytail . Further try tying your style right up ,  in the middle . Tapering your hair near the neckline as well as ear burns looks real good and tidy . Take care not to go too high when you do so . During winters long hair is pretty manageable and you can enhance it more by using a leaving conditioner from any reputed brand.  If you are getting all groomed for work or a public appearance like the 'King Khan ' ,hair ties or elastic bands are a wonderful option for a spruced up look.

Those desiring ' Plain Jena ' can use black elastics, as black complements the sociability acceptance pertaining to men in the country . Apart from the hair bands you would require some kind of hair brush , in case you intend to go in for a kind of slick looking hair do . Its completely up to your decree ; what level up you want to put your pony. .If you have any fly away's don't panic about that as you can use water or gels to set them up . Simply wet your hand and push the fly aways up and do the same for fly away's around the face. No fancy gadgets are needed as your hands alone can work wonders . Put your Shahrukh's Pony tail  little bit lower on the neck . From front it will show off like an instant short hair and you will still get to keep your long style.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia


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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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