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Rainy Day Hairstyles
Tue, 2 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Whenever we experience a super monsoon, the last thing we intend to do is play-up with our hair. Opting for hair straightening seems pointless as it crimps up and coils in a weird fashion.  Considering hair curling for the best, seems a right choice for many but rain makes your hair even and crimped, which none of us would desire. Women are often observed pulling and tying up their hair into a messy bun during rainy seasons. But sometimes we all crave for a cute look and put together hair-do, albeit it’s pouring.

So for such occasions, one can experiment with monsoon hairstyles. These are convenient, quick and will prevent crimping by keeping your hair cleanly folded together. They are lovable enough to create an impact while still being comfortable enough to do before work, party etc. Below mentioned are few wonderful monsoon styles that can be used every time you step out in rain.

a)        Tying a top bun – One of the most cherished hair do on a rainy day. Just grab your and gently pull it over your head into a small bun. This style can be made as orderly or messy as one desire. The style prevents your hair from coiling up and avoids it’s appearing huge. For those with bangs, this is a wonderful way to pin their hair back neatly.

b)         Braided fishtail – For those who love stepping out in the rain braided fishtail is a must try. Apart from being chic the style is practical both at play and work. This hair-do requires few seconds and is done only on wet hair. Applying hair gel or spray just before braiding the hair avoids the fly from occurring.

c)         Braided crown hair-do – Quite similar to braiding, this style is apt for those whose hair fluffs up in rain. Keeping all your hair over your head at one place offers a unique look. Wearer needs to split their hair to get two braid pieces and then wrap each of them around the crown of their head. To add support you must pin it and you are ready to flaunt it! It’s easy.

d)        Half clip style – Women often prefer this look when they are too lazy to do anything and work best during monsoons. Take a small clip, grab only top half of your hair and neatly clip it. Half clip style prevents the hair from falling on your face on a brave rainy and windy day.

e)        Bold curl – Those who have curly hair should not think of straightening their hair during monsoons.  Get rid of your heavy creams and just flaunt your curls. For those having curly hair must apply some oil to make the tad heavier and prevent it from frizzing. Don’t worry about getting your hair straightened or trying to make it curly, during monsoons accept the way your hair is.

Messed up pony – Puff up your back tad, tease it to make it slightly messy. This style can be made to look dressy too by pinning up the sides well so that the loose hairs don’t fly out. 

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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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