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My haircutting experience with Kimera Salon
Wed, 30 Sep 2015 / by Mano
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I had been planning to go out & have haircut but somehow it kept on slipping my mind. Ironic as it is being in VBooky. My side locks been mushrooming unkept and back hair looking untidy.  So when VBooky’s business development team member, Sanju told me about this great deal we have on our platform for Kimera – 70% OFF for haircut, I immediately booked for an appointment on Friday 3:00 PM. The appointment process is pretty easy and streamlined. I got a SMS about the confirmation of the appointment. 



On Friday, about 2:00 PM, I got a reminder email from VBooky about the appointment while I was busy reviewing our next UI change. I got a call from Kimera informing about the appointment.

I reached Kimera Unisex Salon & Spa, HSR Layout well in time. The parking space along the service road was very convenient. As I walked in to the reception to inform about my appointment, a very pleasant and charming receptionist, whom I learnt her name was Sushma, greeted warmly. She offered a nice hot green tea.

About the Hairstylist - Pavan Bhandary & his journey


As I looked around to absorb the nice, subtle but pleasant ambience – I was introduced to Pavan Bhandary who would be my hair stylist. Pavan came across as a stylist who is passionate about hair styling. I learnt that he was born and brought up in Manipal, Karnataka and learnt haircutting while studying class X at his uncle’s barber shop. Since then, even while he was studying his PUC and Graduation, he was continuously gravitated towards hair styling. So when he decided to become a hairstylist, his parents were distraught. I guess they would be proud of him today looking at his accomplishments and the glitter & passion in his eyes once the styling work begins.

Before the haircut, I was given a brief consultation of which styling would fit my face. I told him to go ahead and give me the any haircut which would fit me best. Only condition I set was that with the haircut, I should be able to enter my house and not be thrown out!

Haircutting by Pavan Bhandary

Pavan Bhandary cutting my hair

During the haircut, we started talking & that was how I learnt about him. He also gave his expert opinion on how drinking lots of water was important for keeping the flakes that have started forming in my hair.

After the haircut, which I would say came out great; he gave a nice hair wash. He was customer centric – enquiring to ensure the water temperature was just about right and comfortable. Once the wash was completed, he applied proper cream and styled my hair.

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Checkout Experience

Checkout time generally springs some surprise – that’s what some of the customers of VBooky had complained to us.  Some of the complaints range from “they charged more because they used another higher price product. They have not informed me earlier” or “Because they have given the styling with a senior stylist, they charged me extra. They had not informed me earlier” & so on.   I wanted to have firsthand experience.  However I was in for a pleasant surprise as they charged me just Rs 105 instead of the normal Rs 400.

The Outcome!

After Haircut

Overall I would rate the experience as 5 Star experience.

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