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Must Flaunt Hairstyles This Christmas
Wed, 24 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Christmas is just around the corner and that marks just the beginning of some upscale parties you will be attending soon . To flaunt your looks its time you experimented with fresh party hairstyles .You are free to wear a full -blown classy hairstyle or pick a fresh prim or epicene hairstyle for 2014 Christmas celebration.      Unfurl some glamorous , must flaunt hairstyles this Christmas styles with Vbooky ;


Wine Puffy Hairstyle - For a laid back glam that appears , no sweat yet builds soft twirls using a broad barrel entwining wand , is a wise choice this autumn .Next , clutch some sections of your mane around a barrel wand for minimum five seconds , set loose and spritz any branded hirspray once up to snuff.



Half Lift Hairdo – A no bother fashion to drape your style up for a perfect rendezvous is to indulge in a half lift hairdo . Easy as pie to build , just hold some of your hair up around the crown area . Grab on to some bobby pins to lock up your hair around the back of the crown.

Contemporary French Twine Hairdo  -  Custom up a French swirl  with a modern approach on a typical hairdo . Section your hair into two  and ensure the top  split is combed back towards your crown. Twine the two sections up and hold in sync into a top bun on your head. Booby pins and great dose of a branded hairspray secures your hair super -excellent.

Braided Bun Hairdo - Upgrade your contemporary bun with an in vogue braided style . Just hold all your hair , into a lift -up pony , secure it at your crown and liberally braid your ponytail and weave it into a top bun . Glom on to it with bobby pins and your favorite hairspray.

Courtesy : MakeupWearables Hairstyles Channel

Lustrous side-brushed hairstyles - Out of bonds glamorous and ladylike this side -brushed hairstyle suits all occasions . An aces blow dry to your locks , on an advisable low setting and sealing it with a burst of cold air and extra sheen works real wonders.

Full Curls -Improvise  up from old style for a splurge with an opulent -looking hairstyle . Prefer heated curlers to aid secure the twirls , then shop for a bulking hair spray to enhance the hair at your source. Seal it securely to keep your style intact.

Short bobs  - This Christmas lure your elegant features with a neat cut bobbed look,like Anuksha Sharma in her recent release ' PK '. A frosty blonde or brunette tint will spruce up the gleam of your black or brown eyes and your Asian complexion.

Brief Hairstyle with bangs - Yearning for a celebrity style with a variance ?  Draw inspiration from the 70s trend genuinely cuddly short cuts . Bobbed rage has always been in vogue – luring with its comfy side brushed bangs and complementing flicks , this is a must blow -dry style that will look you through special moments this year and many more occasion to come.


So choose from one of these must flaunt hairstyles this Christmas and make several heads turn . Keep experimenting till you drop !

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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
Style Nerd & Beauty Blogger
Spending some tickled pink time as an H.R personnel ; passion for new found looks stung this internet geek ; quite deep. Bhawna ; better known in the blogging arena as 'Bhav' invests 15 hours ,on blogging and unfurling secrets to ;stupendous looks , rejuivenation and anything that adds to one's refinement. She dreams of dusting glam onto all ; college goers ; working class ; housewives and so on . Curating content for 8 years now ' Bhav' feeds on beauty trends ; makeup ideas and style inspirations. Staunch believer of the fact ; No one's ugly - all they require is a little tweak and a little touchup. At VBooky she blogs about hairstyles , beauty regime, tattoos, makeup trends , therapy reviews and more. She enjoys blogging because that exactly how she touches several hearts ; people who want to remain or get back their lost charm.