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Look Voguish By Chopping Off Bangs Like Sonakshi
Sat, 13 Dec 2014 / by Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Page 3 column this month, has had enough on Sonakshi Sinha chopping off her long ringlets , to look voguish in her new incarnation. Undergoing a whole – hog transformation with long bangs can make several heads turn, to witness the primma donna in you. You might have long flaunted you thick mane and carried it off gracefully too but short hair too can add real spice to your overall persona. It can be a sensational experience for some and they would truly fancy the responses about their newfangled weirdo. Women with short style have bountiful liberty to explore the elegance in their face. Girls can dream up their face, enhance a full forehead impressibility ,lift their cheekbones , draw out the neck area , pop their eyes , cover blemishes , add height and even make round face look slender with the perfect cut.

Access trusted stylists registered with Vbooky and they will entertain row of stuffs you have been yearning to own. Short hair works wonders to cloak all flaws and stylists will aid you identify the perfect short cut that spruces up your round face. So if you are fashioning a striking transformation, its chief to trust the hairstylist working on your hair to ensure you both are selfsame. Laconic hair is fabulously convenient to manage and quick. If you are coming up short with your strict schedule or just weary of all the hours you are spending grooming your long bangs, a short hairstyle is awe – inspiring choice. Once cut, short styles, for real do not turn out messy, and if it does at times it’s usually a swift and easy, as a pie fix. A greatest advantage of all time is that short hair never intervenes with your exercise regime.

You will never have to pull your hair back again during your yoga session, as by now its skilfully dealt with. Women often plan their hair treatments around their warm-up sessions because shampooing, blow drying and grooming is a great ache to handle. Wearing a short haircut eases all these processes and helps you reap optimum benefits. On spur of moment a speedy routine over supper is no longer a great bargain. For new mothers keeping it short is considered as a saviour as your little one can no longer play with your short fashion. The trend mows down the grooming time as you always have ample time to fix your hair and feel them intact. Furthermore working ladies have been overheard saying that short styles can offer a sophisticated, corporate look that stays the entire day from morning briefing to evening corporate parties. Queen bees with thin hair texture can add great volume and access illusion of dimension, where weightier mane just descents gracefully. 


Picture Courtesy:wikimedia.org

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Bhawna Rath Aka Bhav
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Spending some tickled pink time as an H.R personnel ; passion for new found looks stung this internet geek ; quite deep. Bhawna ; better known in the blogging arena as 'Bhav' invests 15 hours ,on blogging and unfurling secrets to ;stupendous looks , rejuivenation and anything that adds to one's refinement. She dreams of dusting glam onto all ; college goers ; working class ; housewives and so on . Curating content for 8 years now ' Bhav' feeds on beauty trends ; makeup ideas and style inspirations. Staunch believer of the fact ; No one's ugly - all they require is a little tweak and a little touchup. At VBooky she blogs about hairstyles , beauty regime, tattoos, makeup trends , therapy reviews and more. She enjoys blogging because that exactly how she touches several hearts ; people who want to remain or get back their lost charm.