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Debunking facts of laser hair removal
Mon, 13 Apr 2015 / by Radhi
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Unwanted excessive hair!!! Na, nobody wants that unwelcoming site. True that unwanted hair has more to do with mental wellbeing than physical appearance.  Low self-esteem, shying away from social circle is what most people suffer from due to excessive hair growth. . If you think women alone seek solutions for permanent hair removal, probably you’re wrong. Special creams for hair removal are in stock for men too.  They are equally anxious to get rid of unwanted body hair and are opting for same grooming rights as that of women.

Shaving, waxing, tweezing, hair removal creams are few solutions but do they guarantee permanent hair removal or promise hair reduction? All these are tried and tested methods that make you repeat the same practice after a certain interval of time with no permanent solution and cause discomfort. Gone are the days when our granny’s practiced natural cure of turmeric and gram flour, honey and lemon, which did give results though at a slow pace. In today’s busy world with no time for personal grooming at home, everyone is looking for instant and easy solutions. Lucky that now we have beauty salons and spas to help us with appearance and health.

Coming to solutions on hair removal today beauty specialists are successfully implementing the laser technique as most rapid, gentle and painless way of permanent hair removal and reduction. Yet few are apprehensive of laser, perhaps due to the myths surrounding this technology. 

Laser hair removal: Myths Vs Facts

Seems like the demand for laser hair removal is growing at a rapid rate to the rescue of men and women, seeking painless efforts of this technology to gain those cheeky glamour looks. What then is holding back a few from opting it? Well, certain myths that haven’t been dispelled yet by the concerned minds.

Myth#1 Increase in growth

Our body is in the constant process of ageing and so there are possibilities of new hair growth alongside hair fall. Laser helps to destroy hair follicles of the existing ones but has no control on the growth of the new ones. Nonetheless it isn’t valid to conclude that laser causes more hair to grow.

Myth 2# Not safe

This depends on the type of laser technology your skin clinic, saloon or spa is using. Until the laser being used is being approved by the dertamotology and skin care authorities, safety should not be a matter of concern.

Myth 3# Very painful

Definitely not as painful compared to waxing and shaving. Lasers have been well known and come a long way for being painless treatments though not completely free from pain. Yes certain areas may be a little painful during the treatment which may again depend on the nature of hair and growth, however on the whole is a painless effort of permanent hair removal and reduction. 

Myth 4# Not lasting

You sure don’t have to use tour razors or visit the parlour for threading and waxing on regular basis after laser. Though not permanent removal of hair in few cases, it definitely will reduce the growth of hair from a course to a finer and thinner texture. Nonetheless a regular consultation once in every 6months or once in a year is advisable after the treatment.


Having read through it is also worthwhile to seek consultation of experts to gain a deep insight. Apart from dermatologists there are many professionally certified laser technologists who offer laser treatments at saloons and spa. Certain factors such as nature and type of hair whether coarse or thin, skin type, existing health condition and medications that you are on, do matter before going in for a laser treatment.

The number of sessions required depends again on the nature and type of hair. Whether you’ll have a permanent hair removal or hair reduction? Will skin pigmentation be a concern? Will I have devastating results for my hair and skin type? None other than professionals in skin care can resolve your concerns. Moreover when it comes to price there are reasonable rates offered for the best quality treatments at beauty clinics. Wondering how to reach such beauty clinics for the best quality laser treatments at an affordable price? Well, with technology at par, you can look out for such clinics for permanent hair removal just a click away from the comfort of your home. 


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