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Cold Vs Hot wax - Which one suits me?
Wed, 29 Apr 2015 / by Radhi
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Though some of us may be successful in covering those light blemish spots and scars, getting rid of the unwanted hair on face and body always remains a concern. In the last post we did speak about laser hair treatments, obviously when you have a history of unwanted coarse hair laser treatment and electrolysis are the ideal options to seek out. However not everyone is willing to go for it and that’s when one of the most popular methods of hair removal, Waxing comes to their rescue. Few even try shaving, but for this post we focus on waxing and the two types Cold and Hot wax.

The base ingredient used to prepare hot and cold wax remain the same. Paraffin, lubricator, resin adhesive and some use moisturisers, fragrance for aroma and to boost the waxing experience. Since the basic ingredient in both remain the same, the difference is probably the temperature at which these two wax are implemented at. Cold wax already have wax applied on the ready-made waxing strips and these come in various sizes and shapes. With cold wax it is easy to remove the hair on the upper lip, sideburns, lower lip, chin and eyebrow. When you apply hot wax you need to melt it before applying and this can be used for effective hair removal on the under arms, legs, shoulders and arms.

Many people prefer hot wax over cold wax, the reason being the hot temperature helps the wax to adhere firmly to the skin and helps open the pores and hair follicles, and uproot the hair deep from its root. Many are of the opinion that unlike cold wax, the effects of hot wax on unwanted hair lasts for around 4 to 6 weeks and frequent waxing is not required. People with sensitive skin find hot wax more effective and efficient and more so because of its better grip works well on short hair too. Being a manual application a handful of them also feel that they are free to apply uniformly on the desired area unlike cold wax strips where people have no choice but to go with the given size and shape.

Cold wax remains the choice for few others due to its ready to use strips that are convenient enough to fit in a travel kit and waxing can be performed any time at any place of choice. Unlike hot wax where one needs to melt the wax and requires a suitable environment to keep the wax in the hot state, cold wax is easily portable and faster method of hair removal. Many feel that implementing cold wax is a hygienic method of waxing compared to hot wax where one has to heat and apply the sticky lump on the skin and pull the hair along with the sticky wax, creating lot of mess.

Style divas on waxing

Having left you perplexed after exploring the merits and demerits of both hot and cold wax here is what our Bollywood celebrities recommend. The Bang Bang girl, Katrina Kaif in one of her commercials promotes an easy at home pull it up cold wax strips to remove those unwanted hair on arms and legs rather than spending time at saloons and spa. Meanwhile Bebo in her book ‘The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva’, advices her fans on a combination of both. Depending on the comfort zone one could go in for a proper professional waxing treatment at a saloon and spa and also use readymade strips in their travel kit on a long travel to work on the patchy stuff that are likely to grow in a few weeks after waxing.

While some feel repeated application of cold wax strips may cause rashes, burns and irritate the skin, others find it comfortable to use. Hot waxing for some is very painful and a very tough and length process that requires time, while the rest prefer taking a professional’s help at a saloon or spa to get rid of the unwanted hair for weeks together. While some feel that cold wax may lead to lot of ingrowth, still some go for it due to its convenience. Whatever the waxing type one certainly needs to be hygienic while implementing these methods. Well, what suits your hair and skin type, and also what procedure is to be followed before and after waxing is best known to your beautician. Look out for a saloon or spa and seek for a professional waxing experience.



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