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Anti-hair fall treatments for women
Tue, 9 Jun 2015 / by Radhi
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Those unwanted strands of hair falling out in multiples of 10s and 20s is certainly an annoying site for any woman. As for few women loosing bunch of hair strands whenever they run a comb over their hair is pretty common. Has hair fall become a permanent part of your life too? Well, then its high time we verify and confirm the root cause for this problem. Few reasons attributed towards hair thinning are inadequate sleep, stress, unhealthy diet practice, insufficient water intake and improper hair care. While hereditary can be a cause but unhealthy lifestyle changes are perceived to be the main reasons for hair fall. Certain other causes of hair thinning may perhaps be, over styling of hair in terms of applying too much of bleach, frequent colouring of hair and application of blow dryer too often. Some women who follow a very tight hair style like a high tied up tight pony tail and who never tend to change their hair parting also tend to have hair loss that is quite noticeable as small bald patches. Besides these overdose of certain vitamins, antibiotics, steroids and chemotherapy treatments can lead to hair loss. Pregnancy and other medical conditions such as thyroid problems in women can cause hair loss giving rise to various patterns of hair thinning as in medical terms is coined as alopecia.

When should you be concerned about losing your hair? Well, losing 10 to 20 stands of hair is common and part of hair growth. However if you notice hair fall in multiples of 10s, 20s and even 250 or 300 hair strands every time you wash your hair or comb it, or notice a patch of baldness, it’s a matter of concern. Now that you face this problem it can be resolved with a combination of professional and natural treatment. Following a balanced and healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is a great way to start with. Professional hair treatments for hair fall at saloons will help you explore possible products in terms of hair oil, shampoos and conditioners that can enrich hair growth suiting your hair and scalp type.

Certain home remedies like massaging the scalp for 15 to 20 minutes with either castor oil, olive oil or coconut oil stimulates blood supply to the scalp and promotes hair growth. Scalp when massaged for about 15 to 20 minutes with either onion juice or crushed garlic and then rinsed also promote hair growth. Onions and garlic are rich in sulphur and help in the increase of collagen production. Amla rich in vitamin C and antioxidants also helps prevention of hair fall. Rinsing hair with the right kind of shampoo is also necessary. Anemic women tend to loose more hair due to iron deficiency, hence treating with iron supplements and other multivitamins upon advice from your Doctor, can help prevent hair loss for some women. Your hair stylist would be the right person to analyse the hair and scalp type and diagnose the reason for hair fall. Based on individual hair analysis they should be able to guide you through the best possible hair spa treatment. Obviously natural home remedies will do great wonders when coupled with such spa treatments. 

You're not alone suffering from hair loss, your favourite celebrites too face hair fall problems. Here are few tips that they share with their fans to get those long and lusturious hair. Actress Rekha massages her hair regularly with coconut oil and applies a pack of egg, curd and honey. Bebo oils her hair with a mixture of coconut, castor and almond oil to prevent hair fall. Piku girl Deepika suggests to wash hair with cold water instead of hot and recommends to use mild shampoos to prevent hair fall. An actress, model cum doctor Aditi Govitrikar recommends conditioning of hair and regular massaging with a suitable hair oil to prevent hair loss. She opines that flaxseeds rich in omega 3 oils can work wonders to provide a healthy hair. 

Apart from all the above, the bollywood divas also recommend to get an adequate amount of sleep for atleast 6 hours, hydrating with 6 to 8 glasses of water, following a balanced diet with 5 portions of fruits and vegetables and also a bowl full of nuts. Regular exercise and being in a stress free and positive state of mind can have positive effect on hair growth. Though you can explore for more information on hair fall treatments, the best means would be to approach your nearby spa or saloon and take proper care under the guidance of your professional hair stylist. 

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